• 17 January 2018

  • Tokenization - The ultimate defense in cybersecurity

    When it comes to battling against data breaches and exposure, tokenization is proving to be more reliable than network perimeter defenses and intrusion detection. As a result, it is becoming the focal point of cybersecurity in many organizations. This webinar will help you learn the key benefits of data protection focused on protecting the data itself, and how your organization can benefit from a better cybersecurity posture. 

    Whether you are looking for information to pass to your executive team, or you are the executive team, you’re going to want to hear this.

    • Why you need data protection and why you cannot achieve a layered security method without it 
    • What is tokenization and why is it one of the most effective approaches to protect sensitive data 
    • How to secure your core business with data protection 

    Benefits of addressing sensitive data stored on your system:

    • Neutralizes data breaches or accidental exposure
    • Reduces PCI compliance scope
    • Meets GDPR pseudonymization
    • Ensures your business reputation is secure
    • Strengthens security for your digital core business

  • Presenter:

    Henning Horst

    Henning Horst leads comForte's global Research and Development team. Building upon the success of comForte's existing product portfolio, Henning drives strategic initiatives for new and innovative security solutions with a particular focus to the payments industry.

    Jonathan Deveaux

    comForte Senior Solution Architect Jonathan Deveaux

    Jonathan Deveaux works in Partner management and Marketing since 2015. He has expertise with electronic payments in the financial industry, as well as IT hardware and infrastructure management. Jonathan has a proven track record at all levels of an organization including management, sales, marketing and product management.

  • 17 August, 2016

    Modernizing Payment Applications on the NonStop Platform: Hype or Hope?

    The Payment landscape is evolving fast as payment processors and banks struggle with new competitors and regulations. Fintech start-ups challenge every assumption and technology by starting from the bottom – while new regulations such as GDPR (new European privacy laws) are difficult to implement in legacy systems which have grown over decades.

    The key to effective, efficient operations for IT - and your company - is not to radically replace core business offerings or functionality of legacy applications but rather to use a smart modernization approach. Fortunately, with the right tools and expertise, it’s possible to cost effectively modernize payment applications running on the NonStop platform, which itself has recently been modernized by HPE.

    ‘Modernization’ can mean anything from connecting your existing application to new market players to extending the capabilities ‘in-place’ - to improving security and governance/compliance.

    NonStop Modernization

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  • 24 March, 2016

    Extending and Improving Your NonStop Payment Ecosystem

    If you are among the 20 largest financial institutions in the world, there is a high probability you are running not one but multiple HPE NonStop systems (formerly known as Tandem systems). These systems hum away quietly somewhere deep in your data center - and have probably done so for decades. Your business depends on them. However, the IT world has changed massively in the last ten years: businesses require agility, CFOs require cost savings and, let's face it, your COBOL programmers are nearing retirement age.

    So, how to use innovative technology to maximize your NonStop Payments Ecosystem with little effort?

    This Webinar looks at some problems of so-called 'legacy applications' running on HPE NonStop systems and shows how these can be addressed, often with surprising ease. Don't write off your HPE NonStop system just yet! Find out just how modern these systems are and what you can do to bring your proven application into the 21st Century!

    This Webinar was presented by The Payment Knowledge Forum and is part of the PKF Webinar Series.

    Watch the recorded webinar:

    PKF Webinar: Extending and Improving Your NonStop Payment Ecosystem

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