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comforte Discovery and Classification

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Sustainable data discovery for privacy, security, and governance

With the growing complexity of modern networks and data storage environments, ensuring constant visibility of sensitive data across your entire organization is nearly impossible. Systems are more interconnected than they ever have been, and recent breaches show that implementing data security effectively requires a strong knowledge of you data landscape.

Manual snapshots and analytics won’t get you there

Data usage is heavily dynamic and constantly evolving. At any given time, you really have no way of knowing all the places to look for sensitive data, especially if you depend on a reactive manual process and have an extensive data ecosystem.

Take complete control of sensitive data

Comforte’s Data Discovery and Classification solution enables organizations to detect and analyze all usage of data and its lineage without relying upon organizational knowledge of the existence or location of that data. Better yet, the process is completely automated! This automation makes it much easier to get a clear picture of how your data is being stored, process, and shared in real-time.

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