Your data has incredible value

To understand it, you have to apply powerful data analytics.

When you collect and analyze sensitive information across your corporate data, you get better customer insights and can make smarter business decisions.

And that’s where the challenges arise. 

Grow your data repositories, not your liabilities

You can have one without the other!

All data privacy regulations specify penalties for non-compliance.

However, fines aren’t the worst of it. Reputational damage and broken trust are not easy to overcome after a data breach.

Don’t lose your reputation as a result of something preventable.

Data predators want to analyze your data too

And predators keep trying until they succeed.

Every new data stream is a potential attack vector. Unfortunately, incidents of unauthorized access to data repositories are growing.

Access and analyze your most valuable asset without fear of compromise. Prevent intruders from learning anything from your data.


Insights don’t have to come at the expense of data security. 
Analyze your data safely.

Don‘t let large datasets become the weakest link in the security chain

Take action now with data-centric security for your all your enterprise datasets.

A big data breach will affect more data than ever before, because more businesses like yours are collecting larger amounts of valuable data. This data doesn't have to be the vulnerable point in your security chain.


More data means more potential worth. But does it prevent you from finding the insights you need? Not when your data-centric security solution can scale to accommodate any dataset!

Strategic direction

Clear insights lead to clearer path of business expansion and market growth. Don't let your data security obscure the value of your data. Enable your data to guide you.

Format preservation with no impact on performance

No performance degradation. No code changes required. No service or business outages necessary. No more headaches!

Data-centric security allows you to tap into the real value of your corporate datasets

And that safeguards your customers and your business

  • Discover where valuable and sensitive personal data is

  • Safely introduce new applications and data workflows into your operations

  • Embrace the cloud and go cloud native, all while maintaining data security

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