Maximize the value of your data while preserving privacy

Discovery and protection for your data analytics environment

Organizations are constantly looking for ways to utilize their data for business opportunities.

However, data privacy regulations require them to properly protect sensitive data of their clients, employees and partners.

The comforte Data Security Platform helps organizations to fully leverage the value of their data for analysis and innovation while preserving privacy and achieving compliance.

Key benefits

Leverage the business value of your data while preserving privacy with best-in-class discovery and protection solutions. Analyze protected data and utilize it for new business opportunities without security and compliance concerns.

Ensure that appropriate policies and privacy preserving technologies are adopted to meet the compliance and security requirements for your data ecosystem. Protect data before it is ingested to your data warehouse (e.g. Snowflake) so that no sensitive information is stored in the cloud. Keep your data safe not only at-rest, but also in-motion or when it is in-use by analytics teams or shared with partners. Stay agile and easily adapt to existing and new regulations with future-proof data-centric security.

Reduce time to market for usable and actionable data. Implement privacy-preserving data protection in a matter of days or weeks, instead of months or years. Easily integrate with your data sources and stores, analytic tools and enterprise applications, whether they reside on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

Discover and protect all of your sensitive data with an automated platform. Understand the data lineage so you can define your risk-based strategy faster and close data exposure gaps with appropriate data protection.

Once your data is protected, you will spend less resources for management and governance of sensitive data.

Demo: Secure data analytics


How it works


  • Locate any & all repositories containing structured, semi-structured, & unstructured sensitive data, even if you don’t know where it all is
  • Protect data before it enters the cloud & in the cloud

comforte Data Protection Technologies

Tokenization & Format Preserving Encryption

A protection technique where a sensitive data element is substituted by a so-called token. The token itself maps back to the original data element but doesn’t expose any sensitive data.

Data Masking

A non-reversible protection method in which characters of a sensitive value are permanently replaced with masking characters to protect data on its way throughout the application stack

Classic Encryption

A protection technique in which plaintext values are protected by using an encryption algorithm to generate a protected element.

Format Preserving Hashing

A non-reversible protection method where an algorithm creates a hash string that is fixed in size.

Key capabilities

Privacy-preserving technology

State of the art protection to enable meaningful data analysis thus preserving privacy and ensuring compliance of a data ecosystem.

End-to-end data protection

Protection for the entire data supply chain –– from sources, to data stores, to BI and data science tools. For on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments ensuring data is protected at all times.

Policy enforcement

Easily control access to data with policy enforcement for e.g. role-based access control (RBAC) using integration with central Identity Access Management (IAM) solution.

Continuous discovery of sensitive data

Automated scanning and analysis of data sources, warehouses and lakes to reduce manual effort. Classification and inventory of every sensitive data element into a PII inventory and Master Data Catalog.

Unmatched accuracy

Machine learning and advanced matching algorithms for identification and correlation of known and unknown sensitive data—even in complex unstructured files.

Advanced Data Lineage Discovery

Deep visibility into the data lifecycle as it flows from data source to consumption for faster risk assessment and achieving compliance.

Integration options

Full spectrum of integration options ranging from simple API to transparent interception. Ability to integrate at the sources, transparently in pipelines, via external functions in data warehouses or on consumption level with analytics tools.

Ease of configuration

Flexible strategies and policies for discovery and protection based on the complex and evolving needs of data analytics environments.

Cloud-native solution

Cloud-native solution for ease of operation and quick deployment. Designed to run on all major cloud platforms, scalable and easy to orchestrate.

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