Data breaches are still happening

Despite efforts to secure the perimeters.

Clearly, classic perimeter defenses and intrusion detection are becoming less and less effective – especially with the increasing complexity of infrastructure expedited by the complexity of cloud and hybrid arcitectures. Attacker persistence always finds an opening.

So protect your data already

Guarding your corporate assets is more important than ever before.

Data is undoubtedly the most valuable asset for organizations as they become more and more data-driven. Customers demand data privacy, and partners expect that you conduct business with their data in a secure manner.

Data protection is the foundation to demonstrate to your customers that you care about their data, their privacy, and their business. Build that foundation of trust with them.

Your data travels

Does your security travel with it?

Your enterprise data needs to be secure - independent of applications, databases, platforms, and perimeter defenses. At rest, in motion, or in use.

This is the only way you're able to take complete control of sensitive data and therefore lower compliance costs and significantly reduce the risk of data breaches.

How to protect your data?

Not a simple question, but we have a simple answer.

Classic data protection technologies like encryption or hashing have a long history as a means of protecting sensitive data. Data-centric security methods have only recently come into focus.

The key is to protect the data, not the borders around it.

But given the multitude of options, companies struggle to fully understand the differences and implications of modern protection techniques.

Protection methods


Format Preserving Encryption


Are they really different?

Yes. Protection methods not only vary in how they change the data. You should consider far more when choosing the right mechanism for a specific use case.

Read this in-depth e-book to learn more about protection methods and their use cases.

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How can you implement data protection?

To start with, be comprehensive across the enterprise.

Only a services-based, scalable, and fault-tolerant enterprise data protection solution enables a sustainable protection of sensitive data.

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Mitigate data breaches

Reduce the impact of external attacks and avoid accidental exposure by insiders or 3rd party vendors.

Achieve compliance

Achieve true compliance and reduce dependency on compensating controls as a temporary measure to pass Security Audits.

Innovate, differentiate & grow

Continue to grow by sharing data with 3rd parties without exposing sensitive or personal data.

Next step: integration & monitoring

Ease of integration should concern you.

Implementing data-centric security requires a platform that not only offers discovery, classification and protection methods that fit your use cases – but also integrates easily into your enterprise applications and cyber security infrastructure.

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Enterprise data protection whitepaper

Learn how comforte's data protection offering was initially selected to meet PCI DSS requirements, and then it was also chosen to address cross-regulatory compliance for GDPR and other data privacy requirements.

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Enterprise data protection whitepaper

Find out why one of the largest credit card processors in the world selected SecurDPS as the only data security solution they could trust to protect hundreds of millions of cardholder data.

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