Market Challenges

Traditional controls aren't good enough

Because of the adoption of new technologies, implementation of hyper-agile processes, and increased volumes of data, traditional controls and first-generation tokenization solutions just aren't enough. They tend to be from outdated data-at-rest and data-in-motion access controls and perimeter-based protections. 

Siloed data protection

Reduced usability of data unless that data is de-protected.

Limited capabilities

Not built for cloud environments, operational automation, cloud native, and modern DevOps.

Costly integration

Difficult to integrate in the short time usually available to implement security projects.

What We Offer

Seamless data protection

Our data protection suite is a scalable and fault-tolerant enterprise tokenization and encryption solution providing ease-of-integration and flexible, scalable architecture.

Built for Cloud and Agility

Enable your organization’s agility and cloud native focus

SecurDPS Enterprise is built on a flexible, elastic & self-healing architecture that is designed to adapt and adjust to any future changes or new business requirements in your environment:

  • Holistic data protection with linear scalability and fault tolerance

  • Scalable and fault-tolerant, requiring minimal effort and with little to no impact on existing applications

  • Full automation for operation, data protection, audit, and logging

  • Built on an Infrastructure as Code model

  • Automated data security provisioning and delivery with orchestration systems like Kubernetes

  • Multiple deployment methods, from hybrid to multi-cloud to cloud native

  • Designed for infrastructure as code (IaC) and a continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) approach

How We Protect Your Data

Scalable and fault-tolerant enterprise tokenization and encryption

Comforte offers a variety of data protection methods, including industry-standard-based data tokenization, encryption, next-generation format-preserving encryption, data masking, and hashing.

Do protection methods differ?

Yes. Protection methods not only vary in how they change the data. You should consider far more when choosing the right mechanism for a specific use case.

Read this in-depth e-book to learn more about protection methods and their use cases.

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Implementing Data Protection

Ease of integration makes all the difference

We enable implementation of data protection in months rather than years and at a fraction of the cost compared to other approaches:

  • Transparent integration capabilities reduce implementation efforts and costs to a minimum--effectively secure data on-the-fly at capture and therefore over its entire lifecycle

  • Integration without changing the record format of the original data allows running workloads and analytics on production data

  • Accelerate protection of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in modern web, cloud, SaaS, COTS apps, and database-driven applications without coding

  • Utilize powerful APIs for integration in any language or script

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Learn more about comforte's data protection with a solution brief

Our data protection solution provides many options for data-centric protection, including tokenization, format-preserving encryption, and data masking, without the complicated overhead of many key-based solutions. Read this solution brief to learn more about how we protect your data and how our solution integrates into your environment.

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Learn more about application data security with a solution brief

Our application data security solution secures all your sensitive data and information intended for cloud destinations. The solution includes a variety of security mechanisms to field- and file-level information before it’s stored in your cloud applications, making sure that effective security travels with the data as it moves between environments.

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