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We care

We put people first and we promote trust and safety. It is why our business is to strive to secure personal data with integrity and passion to make our customer’s everyday life more comfortable and secure.

With almost 150 talents in our offices in Europe, the US, Australia and Singapore, we develop, sell and support software solutions and services to customers around the world. Our mission is to provide reliable security of personal data and digital payments as well as unlock potential and secure sustainable growth.

We empower our people to grow and to learn from their experience. And in return we are rewarded with exceptional team spirit and great results.

Our Vision

Enabling digital freedom in an untrusted world.


Our Mission

Providing software solutions to protect and manage data that organizations have been entrusted with.

Our Core Values

Strong personal relationships and trusting each other are elemental in a digitalized world. And this is not about humanizing technology. We aim at establishing long time partnerships with our people and our customers. And being humane, ambitious, smart and humble above all are the necessary attributes to achieve this.

Our core values are guiding principles for collaboration across geographies. At comforte you will meet individuals from various walks of life, nationalities, personalities and life styles. As such, we understand that every person is different and has his own needs. And we are proud of this heterogeneous and creative team.

How we live our core values at comforte?

comforte's four core values are HumbleAmbitious Smart, and Humane and together they spell HASH, which like a Cryptographic Hash in Data Security compresses something large to its essence and can be used to validate a true match in identity.

Slide to read our statements about how we are putting the Core Values in Action


  • We respectfully step back and listen before we make judgements or decisions.
  • We acknowledge our weaknesses and value helping each other.
  • We appreciate authentic individualism but won’t tolerate egoism or arrogance.


  • We are committed to go the extra mile for an outstanding customer experience.
  • We take accountability and actively contribute to achieving great results.
  • We are self-motivated and passionate and want to be part of our joint success story.


  • We craft elegant solutions with creativity and intelligence.
  • We have an agile mindset enabling us to innovate.
  • We strive for sustainability in everything we do.


  • We care for each other with empathy and kindness.
  • We respect and trust the power of diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • We promote ethical behavior to ensure fairness, sustainability and well-being.

What you could expect

We take care for your individual needs – tell us what’s important for YOU!

  • A culture of trust, appreciation and respect
  • A unique “One team” spirit
  • High level of work-life-balance in an innovative and collaborative environment
  • The option to work from anywhere
  • The opportunity to make a difference in a dynamic and challenging digital world
  • Working with clients in various industries around the world
  • Continuous development as our technology field is so agile
  • A competitive compensation and benefits package including profit sharing

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