ESG Strategy

Sustainability and responsible action are guiding principles that define the way comforte AG sees itself. We firmly believe that moral principles and economic success belong together. We are very aware of the responsibility we have as a company and as part of society. Through coordinated social commitment, an environmental and sustainability strategy that adapts to the circumstances, and responsible corporate governance, we aim to create added value beyond pure economic success. For us, a holistic view of our business and its economic, social and environmental impact is of great importance.

UN global compact – 10 principles for comforte AG

comforte AG sees the 10 universal principles of the UN Global Compact as the foundation of an inclusive and sustainable economy for the benefit of all people, communities and markets - today and in the future. Therefore, we have decided to join the UN Global Compact and contribute to the fulfillment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. comforte fully shares the core values of the UN Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection as well as anti-corruption and aims to make continuous progress in this regard. As an initiative of the United Nations, the UN Global Compact offers a unique framework to discuss a fair design of globalization across industries and borders and to realize this vision with appropriate strategies and activities. comforte wants to make its contribution to this.

Corporate governance

comforte AG considers responsible and transparent corporate governance to be a central task as well as an indispensable prerequisite for creating sustainable value for the benefit of all stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees, business partners and the public).

Corporate governance structure

comforte AG is a German stock corporation and as such has a dual management system consisting of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board. The third body of the company is the Annual General Meeting. The duties and responsibilities of these three bodies are governed by the German Stock Corporation Act and the Articles of Association of comforte AG. Beyond the legal requirements and the internal and external control and monitoring mechanisms, the Management Board and Supervisory Board believe that effective corporate governance also includes upholding and respecting our values, guidelines and corporate principles.


We are committed to keeping our ecological footprint as small as possible. To minimize the impact of our business activities on the environment, we aim to operate as climate-neutral as possible. With the help of our technology and our solutions, we are tackling the challenges of acting as ecologically as possible together with our customers and partners and actively helping to shape a more sustainable future.

Our current projects:

  • All our servers are located in Germany in an eco-certified external data center. The operator, Maincubes One GmbH, is certified by TÜV Rheinland according to the ÖkoPlus criteria catalog.
  • We work predominantly digital in order to use as little paper and other natural resources as possible. An important building block is our digital Document Management System (DMS), which has been implemented as of August 2022.
  • We have decided to dispense with fixed working hours in the office, thus saving unnecessary travel to and from the workplace.
  • Our fleet management ensures that we align our mobility efforts with ecological goals.
  • Our IT equipment is used as long as possible in accordance with the technical specifications, and replaced laptops and cell phones are kept primarily as backups. We are currently working on a strategy for the further use of IT equipment that is no longer in use.

Our overarching goal is to minimize our environmental footprint and work toward net zero emissions. 

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Social responsibility

Strong personal relationships and mutual trust are essential in a digitalized world. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships with our employees and our customers. Humility, ambition, intelligence and, above all, humanity are the necessary qualities to achieve this. People must be at the center of everything we do, and we promote trust and security. Therefore, we strive with integrity and passion to protect personal data to make our customers’ daily lives more convenient and secure.

How we live our core values at comforte

We aspire to maintain our corporate culture, which is based on respect, transparency and inclusion. We always want to attract the best talents to comforte AG and keep them in the company. We achieve this through the targeted promotion of our employees’ commitment and an inclusive and fair working environment in which all employees can develop according to their needs and realize their full potential. In the event of equal suitability, internal applications are given priority so that our employees can develop. In spring 2022, we set up an international program to promote young talent. Through interactive events such as “People Talk” or “Manager Talk”, we increase collaboration across national borders and promote exchange and networking. As over 55% of our employees are not from Germany, language training is an integral part of our training plan.


  • We respectfully step back and listen before we make judgements or decisions.
  • We acknowledge our weaknesses and value helping each other.
  • We appreciate authentic individualism but won’t tolerate egoism or arrogance.


  • We are committed to go the extra mile for an outstanding customer experience.
  • We take accountability and actively contribute to achieving great results.
  • We are self-motivated and passionate and want to be part of our joint success story.


  • We craft elegant solutions with creativity and intelligence.
  • We have an agile mindset enabling us to innovate.
  • We strive for sustainability in everything we do.


  • We care for each other with empathy and kindness.
  • We respect and trust the power of diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • We promote ethical behavior to ensure fairness, sustainability and well-being.

Humble & Humane – more than just words

When our employees are in a difficult situation, we help. Whether it is Corona or other challenging life situations: we are close at hand and provide support according to individual needs. Be humane does not stop outside our own ecosystem. This is why we also support refugees from Ukraine, e.g. as students or employees. Our doors are open. For example, our unused office space in Neuruppin was converted into apartnement space for two families from Ukraine.


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