Insurance companies are data-driven

Most of that data is highly sensitive

To deliver the right insurance offers and services for customers, you need to understand them. Your customers' personal information reveals a lot about them, most of it of a personal and private nature.

How do you process, analyze, and store that data to obtain the insights you need, all while keeping that private data confidential? You go beyond traditional perimeter security and apply protection to the data itself.

Regulations and industry ethics both demand you take that extra step to protect consumer privacy.

Insurance companies are software companies

DevOps accelerates your cadence, but DevSecOps reduces your risk

Your business depends on software tools you develop in-house. To meet demand, software teams are always pressured to develop and deliver working code faster and faster. They're primary focus isn't necessarily data privacy and security.

Unfortunately, the data security function is often isolated from the core development team and their initial planning, development, and iterative testing. Security is too often an overlay or final checkbox after software design and development occurs.

Furthermore, the development cycle requires production data to run code through its paces during testing and functional validation. Security can't be an afterthought - it must be an integral part of planning and design.

Removing roadblocks to innovation is critical

Insurance companies long ago embraced digital transformation. Now, your challenge is to leverage that transformation to facilitate innovation with your business: analyzing more data, discovering new insights, generating more efficiencies, and developing new and exciting products and offers that entice your customers.

Regulatory concerns often throw a roadblock in the way of digital innovation. Check out this webinar that provides an actual customer story from one of our multi-brand insurance customers.

Learn all you can from your customer data,
but analyze that information safely and securely

Data-centric security protects more than just customer claims information

It helps you discover sensitive data of all types, detect risk, and mitigate the effects of security incidents

  • Discover where valuable and sensitive personal data is

  • Safely introduce new applications and data workflows into your operations

  • Embrace the cloud and go cloud native, all while maintaining data security

Enable data analysis without process changes or application retrofits

Detect trends and anomalies in claims analysis without the threat of personal data exposure, even when incorporating machine learning workflows.

Achieve cross-regulatory compliance

Industry standards and privacy regulations demand that you protect sensitive information everywhere. Data-centric protection solves that problem.

Innovate with new insurance offers, services, and applications

Leverage large data sets to uncover latent trends leading to new, marketable products and services for customers.

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Fulfill key GDPR and PCI data compliance standards

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Meet data protection requirements with zero downtime

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