Retail is driven by data

The more you know, the more you can grow.

Growing your business means knowing your customers. Who they are. What they like. What they might want to purchase.

Leverage all this information to serve them better while also protecting their privacy and transactions. And providing all the inventory they're looking for.

Achieve insights through data analytics

Without visibility being obscured.

Understanding what customer data is telling you depends on effective data analytics. The problem is that traditional data protection can actually deter business analytics by making data unworkable.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can have visibility and data security at the same time!

Innovative services mean new retail business

And innovation comes from insights.

Let your data guide your business. It’s a smart call. 

Create new outreach opportunities and ways to connect with your customers, too. 

All of this helps to secure your retail growth

Data-centric security protects every bit of customer data

It provides visibility while helping you guard your brand reputation.

  • Discover where valuable and sensitive personal data is

  • Safely introduce new applications and data workflows into your operations

  • Embrace the cloud and go cloud native, all while maintaining data security

Locate and classify customer data

Customer data is everywhere. Knowing the data landscape is the first step in protecting privacy.

Protect customer transactions

Secure transactions build customer trust while keeping you in compliance with regulations and industry standards.

Facilitate secure customer outreach

Keeping your customers' information safe is critical with new services and applications.

Build meaningful dialogue with your customers
while protecting their sensitive information

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