Protect Cardholder Data and Optimize Payment System Security

Data-Centric Security and Payment Systems

Streamlining payment processing entails navigating through a complex network of parties and operations to ensure successful transactions. Moreover, financial services companies and organizations must proactively address diverse security challenges and complex regulatory requirements with PCI DSS v4.0 beyond standard processing operations to attain true success.

As a PCI Security Standards Council partner and drawing from over 25 years of experience, comforte specializes in helping organizations that provide or manage payment processing platforms to adopt data-centric security. Comforte solves compliance challenges with PCI DSS v4.0 across various regulatory requirements while simultaneously aligning with business goals and objectives with payment systems.


Key benefits

Utilize comforte’s Data Security Platform to meet the stringent regulatory demands of PCI DSS v4.0, encompassing requirements over protection, access controls, configurations, and audits.
Implement advanced data protection technologies like tokenization and format-preserving encryption to adhere to rigorous cryptography standards.
Seamlessly integrate our platform with IAM tools for precise role-based access controls and secure configurations. Streamline audits and enhance security by leveraging our capabilities, including data discovery and classification for comprehensive visibility into the cardholder data landscape and identifying vulnerabilities.
Enhance the protection of cardholder data itself with comforte's Data Security Platform, reducing reliance on legacy solutions and existing security policies. This optimization strengthens security posture against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other vulnerabilities.
Highlight these capabilities to underscore organizational commitment to cardholder security, fostering customer loyalty and expanding market share while also distinguishing your enterprise brand from competitive products, services, and offerings.
Key benefits
With agnostic approaches, seamlessly integrate into any payment processing platform, eliminating dependence on a single vendor platform with vendor-specific data protection technologies.
Utilize tokenization to circumvent reliance on processor tokens, mitigating key rotation challenges and reducing costs. Capitalize on format-preserving standards, offering utility in data analytics, insights, and operational processes while ensuring PCI compliance.
key benefits
Harness advanced data protection technologies such as tokenization and format-preserving encryption to safeguard cardholder and other sensitive data.
These data-centric strategies render information unusable to malicious actors, significantly mitigating risks. By effectively thwarting fraudulent activities, this approach preserves customer trust and the integrity of payment systems.
Key benefits
Employ data discovery and classification to derive data-driven insights about your target customer base. By identifying and analyzing unknown data elements across the entire payment system environment, refine analytical findings to enhance marketing strategies and product features that align more closely with customer needs and desires, all while maintaining regulatory compliance and security standards.
Key benefits

Proof and Success

Major Indian Bank Implements Data-Centric Security and Meets PCI DSS Compliance

One of the largest banks in India that serves over hundreds of millions of customers across thousands of locations has adopted data centric security. The company operates extensively with PANs—personal account numbers—as well as other types of personal data for their financial operations and organizational objectives.

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City Fresko Achieves PCI DSS Compliance with Tokenization

Comercial City Fresko processes up to 30 m POS card transaction every year on ACI's BASE24 system. Comercial City Fresko's ability to provide reliable, secure and cost-effective transaction processing services to its hypermarkets is a critical success factor.


Bankart meets PCI and GDPR Data Protection Requirements

Tokenisation offers protection without the performance pitfalls of classic encryption by preserving the format and utility of the protected data so that business applications and analytics can operate on tokens rather than sensitive data in the clear.

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Global Payment Service Provider Achieves PCI Compliance with Data Protection

To protect their customers’ data and comply with data privacy regulations like PCI DSS and GDPR, the company decided to look for a proven data protection solution.

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World's Largest Fashion Retailer Chooses Tokenization

Encryption is an effective and secure tool for protecting data, but its usefulness in high-volume, real-time payment environments is compromised by the stress it puts on IT infrastructure. This high-profile fashion retailer used comforte to implement a tokenization solution to provide both speed and security.

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Payments Security for ACI Retail Payments Solution (RPS)

  • Elevate security for BASE24 and BASE24-eps
  • Ensure adequate protection of cardholder data throughout the entire payment environment
  • Simplify compliance with PCI DSS v4.0
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Key capabilities

Privacy-Preserving Technology

Technologies like tokenization and format-preserving encryption to adequately protect cardholder data and meet PCI DSS v4.0 cryptography requirements.

End-to-End Payment System Security

Consistent protection of cardholder data and other sensitive data elements throughout each step of the transaction lifecycle regardless of whatever stage the data resides. Preservation of system integrity while minimizing risk and deterring fraudulent activity.

Existing Security Policies and Processes

Integrations with identity access management tools to achieve granular role-based access control and bolster secure configurations for optimized security posture and support for PCI DSS v4.0 access requirements.

Discovery of Unknown Sensitive Data

AI/ML-driven foundations for automatic, continuous discovery throughout the entire payment system. Unmatched accuracy to identify security vulnerabilities and apply adequate protection to clear text data elements.

Data-Driven Insights

Advanced data mapping of individual cardholders for access to customer data. Enriched data analytics plus ability to personalize marketing strategies and expand outreach to target customer base.

Auditing and Reporting

Full visibility into the entire cardholder data landscape to reduce complexity with auditing process and streamline reporting quality for regulatory purposes.


Multiple integration options to streamline deployment with specific payment environment. Transparent integration capabilities to reduce impact on existing configurations while increasing time to value.

Flexibility and Scalability

Agnostic approach to avoid reliance on a single payment gateway, platform, or system and required protection technologies. Ability to operate with large and complex data volumes while providing consistent security of cardholder data across different applications.

User Experience

Format-preserving capabilities to preserve data utility. Ability to leverage sensitive data for analytics operations and business growth without security and compliance concerns

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