Protect your data before it travels there

Cloud providers do a lot for you

But you're still the responsible caretaker for data security

Data privacy and security regulations and industry standards require you to secure your customers' data.

Only you can ensure the level of data security that's appropriate for your business risk. 

Your cloud data is highly mobile

Protect data before using it in your cloud applications

Data-centric security protects the data itself no matter where it goes.

If you protect it as soon as you collect, process, or store it, then it's already secured when your users work with it in your cloud applications.

Enable your business to leverage cloud native applications

Increased agility gives you a leg up.

Dev-ops teams need to be as agile as possible to innovate. Traditional security architectures are often incompatible with modern cloud-native operational requirements, automation, languages, and orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes.

comforte's data security platform is both hybrid IT and cloud native, with full integration into auto-scaling, self-healing, metrics, logging, operation, and control via APIs in modern stacks and CI/CD pipelines.

Move rapidly to cloud native agility

Ease of implementation ensures a quicker journey

Too many cloud projects stall at the outset. And even if you get past implementation, increasingly complex operations can cause heartburn, too.

Our platform enables transparent integration and protected data that retains its utility and powers data-hungry modern applications and AI workloads. All at a fraction of the cost compared to other solutions.

It also allows integration without changing the record format of the original data, which prevents costly development changes.

Architecture for cloud-first enterprises. A platform for end-to-end data security. Automated operations with transparent integration.

Make data privacy and security a natural fit with your cloud strategy

So your data to be as mobile as you need it to be

  • Discover where valuable and sensitive personal data is

  • Safely introduce new applications and data workflows into your operations

  • Embrace the cloud and go cloud native, all while maintaining data security

Secure sensitive data in your cloud ecosystem

Secure all your sensitive data and information intended for cloud destinations without disrupting your business processes and workflows.

Power through data privacy regulations

Privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD make data protection an absolute necessity. Implement strong measures to protect cloud data before it travels to your cloud ecosystem.

Push the envelope of agility and cloud native

Say 'yes' to cloud initiatives by securing data first, allowing you to explore beyond the boundaries imposed by regulations and risk. Move faster toward a cloud native DevOps strategy.

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