Market Challenges

You can't protect what you don't know exists

Data discovery isn’t something to take for granted. Laborious discovery of potentially sensitive information simply doesn’t work for sophisticated and dynamic data ecosystems. 

Manual data discovery doesn't scale

Enterprise data changes too rapidly, and the data sets are too large for manual human discovery.


Privacy, security, and governance measures demand an informational picture of your data allowing you to identify compliance risk.

Limited knowledge

Many data discovery solutions on the market today depend on the input of organizational knowledge to kickstart discovery.

What we offer

A complete platform for data discovery and lineage detection

Comforte Data Discovery is a unique and continuous process to identify sensitive data (such as highly-regulated PII) flowing through the organization.

  • Visibility into threats or risks to your enterprise data

  • Reduction of risk

  • Compliance with privacy regulations and industry mandates

What makes this solution different?

Data discovery becomes actionable

  • Automated continuous discovery of sensitive data with near-real time updates

  • Business context for security, privacy, and GRC operations to apply controls appropriately and prioritize incidents

  • Improved risk management & assessment with notifications when sensitive data falls outside of policy

  • Provide faster breach response by leveraging data inventory for scope and threat hunting

  • Reduce security risk associated with unknown sensitive data

  • Significantly reduce operational costs with low-touch application operation, maintenance, and support

  • Use discovered risk to drive the most appropriate protection controls

You don't have to know where to look

You want to discover all data without relying upon the organization’s incomplete knowledge of the existence or location of the data.

Watch this video to find out.

Once you find your sensitive data, how do you protect it?

Besides discovery, the ability to instrument data protection over sensitive data in a consistent and intuitive manner at scale provides total control over sensitive data, wherever it goes. This facilitates cloud migration, SaaS adoption, deeper data science tasks, and other high-value activities involving sensitive data without data-leakage exposure.

Learn about data protection

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"Protecting data requires knowing where data is, and knowing what it is. You can’t protect what you don’t know exists."

Read this solution brief to learn more about comforte's Data Discovery.

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