Gain complete visibility of sensitive data across your network


comprehensive and continuous visibility into sensitive personal data across the enterprise


the business context of sensitive data for Security, Privacy, and GRC operations


security risk stemming from unknown sensitive data

comforte Data Security Platform

comforte data security platform - policy


comforte data security platform - protect


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Through a continuous passive network packet capture process, we identify sensitive data (i.e., highly-regulated PII) flowing through the organization.

This data flow visibility enables us to identify repositories (including new or unknown ones) with sensitive data.

Comprehensive scans of those repositories give you full visibility into your data environment - without the need to deploy any agents.

comforte data security platform - discover

Catalogue and organize all discovered data to understand business context, data lineage & history.

This automated process ensures that you always have access to the most current information about PII in your environment, allowing you to respond to data subject access requests (DSAR), and many other privacy, security, and data governance purposes.

comforte data security platform - inventory

Traditional approach

Manual Snapshots

Survey data owners and classification by users & business owners

  • High Operational Costs
  • Stale data
  • Incomplete inventory


comforte comparison table

comforte Data Discovery & Classification

Continuously Updated

Automated continuous discovery process

  • Rapid update & response time
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Continuous inventory updates

Traditional approach

Pattern Scan

Scan structured or unstructured data using static regex & pattern matching

  • Poor Accuracy
  • Intensive data and pattern cleanup required
  • Limited business context


comforte comparison table

comforte Data Discovery & Classification

AI/ML Scan

AI/ML-driven & dynamic, using "source of truth“ for context

  • Much higher accuracy
  • Lower false positives
  • Business context
  • More actionable data

Traditional approach

Partial Coverage

Scan known locations for sensitive data

  • Limited Visibility
  • Don’t know what you are missing(unknown unknowns)


comforte comparison table

comforte Data Discovery & Classification

Full Coverage

Network-based scanning to automatically identify new & unknown data locations combined with repository scanning

  • One system to discover all known & unknown sensitive data
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Full data lineage & history

Once you find your sensitive data, how do you protect it?

Besides discovery, the ability to instrument data protection in a consistent manner at scale provides total control over sensitive data, wherever it goes. This facilitates cloud migration, SaaS adoption, AI/ML initiatives, and other high-value activities involving sensitive data.

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Fortune 500 insurer automates data discovery

  • Automated, continuous  data discovery & classification
  • Integration with Microsoft 365 E5 and existing DLP and GRC tools
  • Deeper discovery and improved policy enforcement
  • Reduction of manual efforts
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