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Sustainable data discovery for privacy, security, and governance

With the growing complexity of modern networks and data storage environments, ensuring constant visibility of sensitive data across your entire organization is nearly impossible. Systems are more interconnected than they ever have been, and recent breaches show that implementing data security effectively requires a strong knowledge of your data landscape.

Manual snapshots and analytics won’t get you there

Data usage is heavily dynamic and constantly evolving. At any given time, you really have no way of knowing all the places to look for sensitive data, especially if you depend on a reactive manual process and have an extensive data ecosystem.

Take complete control of sensitive data

Comforte’s Data Discovery and Classification solution enables organizations to detect and analyze all usage of data and its lineage without relying upon organizational knowledge of the existence or location of that data. Better yet, the process is completely automated! This automation makes it much easier to get a clear picture of how your data is being stored, processed, and shared in real-time.

Diverse regulatory requirements specify minimum standards of data protection and require complete compliance from organizations. Regulations make data protection an absolute necessity for your business. Keep in mind: the enterprise collecting, processing, and storing that data bears the brunt of responsibility for data protection in the eyes of regulators!

To mitigate risk most effectively, businesses need to discover unknown sensitive data across the entire data landscape.


near real-time sensitive data lineage and business context of any sensitive data element in your environment


complete visibility of the usage of every data subject’s information


when sensitive production data is found outside of production environments


generate a full master catalog of sensitive data in near-realtime


measurements, monitoring, and enforcement tools to govern the usage of sensitive data


how records from across disparate sources come together in unique data subject records.

96% of enterprises in the US see a risk in unknown repositories and data flow.

What you need to know

Visibility into threats or risks to the data

Obtain a clear picture of how your data is being stored, processed, and shared in near real-time.

Automatically discover and analyze all usage of data and its lineage without relying upon your organization’s pre-existing knowledge of the presence or location of data.

Reduction of risk

With this discovery knowledge, you can create effective protection policies and implement security controls that fit to your business use cases. You can identify sensitive data, protect it properly, then monitor ongoing changes in your data ecosystem.

Compliance with privacy regulations

Comforte’s Discovery and Classification solution enforces better privacy, security, and governance measures by creating a Master Data Catalog inventory. Linking all the pieces into a comprehensive informational picture of your data allows you to identify compliance risk and manage data subject access requests—including the right to erasure, update, or share data changes.

Manage sensitive data across your entire organization

Comforte’s Data Discovery and Classification solution offers a complete platform for data lineage detection for all PII across a scaled enterprise, with rapid mapping of data storage, processing, and use. Our solution is ideally suited for detecting data, purpose, and use, and it is aligned with modern privacy compliance requirements for data-intensive industries.

The desired outcome for our customers is automated data risk discovery as a continuous process, versus a one-off process or personnel-heavy manual process plagued by false positives. Our solution provides rapid and effortless discovery of unknown risks that could cause serious harm to your business, brand, and reputation.

In combination with comforte’s data protection capabilities, our solution converts discovered data risks into prevented data breaches and true regulatory compliance.

A comprehensive solution

Implementing data-centric security requires a platform that allows you to discover, protect, and manage sensitive data. It must enable you to integrate these capabilities quickly and easily into your enterprise applications and existing cyber security infrastructure.

Comforte’s data security platform enables a comprehensive end-to-end data security strategy. Our customers are protecting hundreds of millions of payment transactions, sensitive healthcare records, insurance records, and more, all reliably running in business-critical environments.

Your next steps

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