Data protection solutions for compliance and security

Protect customer data along with their money

Customers trust their banks and financial services providers not only with their money but also with their information including sensitive data such as personal identifiable information (PII). Unfortunately, threats to sensitive data are constantly increasing and evolving in sophistication so financial institutions need to continually adapt their data security strategy to mitigate emerging risks. Recent high-profile data breaches have affected banks, loan providers, payment processors and credit reporting bureaus causing financial loss for the companies responsible from hefty fines and harmful commercial impact from reputation damage.
The good news is that by adopting a data-centric approach you can mitigate the impact of any attack on your systems by protecting the data itself and making it unusable by malicious insiders and third parties. And at the same time, you can maintain business process agility by retaining the usability of protected data.

How comforte can help with data security for financial services

Build customer trust and protect your reputation

Trust is your most valuable asset, don’t risk it by not protecting data

In today's financial services industry, trust and loyalty are hard won but can be quickly eroded. Digital banking, expedited transaction processing, and personalized experiences generate a significant amount of data and are demanded by consumers without any trade-off in security. 

Comforte’s data-centric security for financial services keeps sensitive data protected, even in case of a data breach. 

Fully protect identities, not just card numbers 

Cards can be replaced, your customers’ identities cannot

Today’s threats to financial services providers have evolved to such an extent that solely protecting Primary Account Numbers (PANs) is not enough. With many more digital touchpoints in play from mobile apps, cashless payments, embedded finance and other innovations, the volume of sensitive information that resides within your IT system is significant. 

Comforte`s data-centric solutions go beyond the protection of payment processing information to safeguarding the full range of customers' data, ensuring their privacy is protected. 

Balance business agility with optimal security

Building trust through compliance

Regulatory compliance is non-negotiable in financial services, but to maintain your market position against challengers, your security solution should not prevent you from leveraging data for business processes and analysis. It’s vital that you can securely share data  internally and externally with customer risk teams, credit bureaus, government agencies, and other financial institutions. 

Comforte’s data-centric solutions to data security for financial services help achieve compliance with data protection and privacy regulations and industry standards such as GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS and more, without compromising IT enabled agility and product innovation. 

Reduce the compliance cost

The comforte Data Security Platform helps global banks comply with PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, and others. This reduces the cost of IT operations through simplified auditing and compliance and removal of legacy solutions.

Leverage the cloud without increasing risk

Our cloud-native solution allows for easy operation and quick deployment on all major cloud platforms. Stay ahead of the competition and innovate faster by matching the agility of fintech challengers with comforte’s data security for financial services.

Focus on value creating initiatives

Simplify IT operations, allow teams to focus on value-adding projects. Easy setup and seamless integration with existing systems and applications for rapid deployment and high performance. An intuitive user interface simplifies policy configuration, ongoing monitoring, and reporting. Data-centric security protection throughout the data lifecycle to enable collaboration and innovation.

Trusted by the world’s leading financial services companies

of the 5 largest credit card processors in the world
of the largest banks in the world

Data-centric security goes beyond compliance

Protect your customer data and secure their trust

  • Leverage data analytics without exposing customer PII or PAN

  • Enable the use of data without increasing the risks of leaks

  • Gain cross-regulatory compliance with GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS and more

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"Comforte AG has been a valuable partner for our tokenization and encryption needs. Their expertise in this domain has provided us with proven, effective solutions that are compatible with our internal systems and software. We appreciate their partnership, collaboration, and expertise in this area."

Stephanie Stamos, Director, Technology Services at Discover

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