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Fact sheet: uLinga for EE

Fact sheet

uLinga for Enterprise Extender (EE)

uLinga enables the communication between HPE NonStop systems and IBM mainframe servers using the TCP/IP protocol and it offers NonStop users the opportunity to migrate from SNA to TCP/IP seamlessly and transparently, with lower risk to the business-critical applications relying on SNA today.


uLinga for EE has been implemented on HPE NonStop to better support integration with

IBM mainframes with access retained to key IBM mainframe subsystems including CICS, IMS,

TSO, etc. With uLinga for EE, the HPE NonStop server can better participate in the SNA APPN

networking world as an EE Node – significantly reducing the VTAM definitions required as well

as providing support for dynamic configuration where supported by the IBM mainframe.


Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs for costly SNA infrastructure
  • Minimize integration risk and effort with no to minimal changes to application code
  • Boost flexibility by using the industry-standard UDP/IP protocol
  • Simplify management; strengthen security
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Fact sheet: uLinga for EE