Whitepaper: Three Key Risks & Opportunities of GDPR



This white paper explores three key risks and opportunities that information security and risk management professionals should consider when developing an overall GDPR strategy. While some of the threats posed by GDPR are obvious, such as the fines for non-compliance, there are some other noteworthy risks that should also be taken into account. These include being

held liable for non-compliance of partners and vendors and the trend of GDPR-like legislation spreading to other major economic zones across the globe.



On the other hand, a well-rounded GDPR strategy should also take into account that there are a number of opportunities that can be associated with GDPR as well. In fact, some risks can be turned around and made into opportunities. Keeping both risks and opportunities in mind is necessary to create a balanced and informed strategy.


Learn about the key risks:

  1. Fines for non-compliance
  2. Similar regulations catching on elsewhere
  3. Liability for suppliers and vendors that handle personal data




And the key opportunities:

  1. More meaningful and productive engagement with potential customers
  2. Framework for common sense data security
  3. Uniform data privacy and protection standards for international business
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