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Fact sheet

MR-Win6530 is a terminal emulation package that provides Microsoft Windows users with secure, powerful, and intuitive access to HPE NonStop, IBM, and UNIX systems.

With MR-Win6530, users can create multiple NonStop 6530, IBM 3270, and VT220 sessions and leverage an array of intuitive and robust management features. MR-Win6530 turns users' desktops into an integrated, convenient, and secure workplace for both applications and system level access to NonStop servers.

Key Benefits

  • Secure data transmission and business information.
  • Intuitive, flexible, and convenient terminal access enhances productivity.
  • Kerberos-based Single Sign-On can be implemented with HPE NonStop servers.
  • Proven solution in over 300 customer deployments.
  • HPE's terminal emulator of choice for the HPE NonStop systems console.
  • The de facto Gold Standard of terminal emulators.

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