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Securing Apache Kafka: How to Find the Right Strategy

Solution brief

Enterprises worldwide see the need to access and stream huge amounts of data to generate new digital services, business insights and analytics – essentially, to disrupt and innovate. However, the data landscape has changed dramatically. While it was relatively easy to handle classic data sets, such as orders, inventories and transactions – today we see massive growth in valuable data types, such as sensor data from IoT devices, clicks, likes or searches.

Customer information streamed in real-time is necessary to create a holistic view of customer behaviour in order to feed analytics and even run machine learning and predictive analytics. Kafka solves this problem. Apache Kafka is a distributed, partitioning, and replicating service that can be used for any form of "data stream”. It’s been making an enormous impact as many organizations from SMBs to large enterprises have started to use this system to organize their data streams.

While Kafka has many advantages in terms of reliability, scalability and performance, it also requires strong data protection and security. Not only is it a single access point to read data streams, it is also the perfect place to implement data-centric security, which protects the data at the earliest possible point, before it is distributed to various other systems where it may be difficult to keep track of.

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