Enterprise Data Protection

Data Discovery and Classification Use Cases for P&C Insurers

Fact sheet

Top Use Cases:

Data Consolidation
Solution: Locate and classify all PII across all repositories and file shares and apply proper business context without manual intervention.
How comforte helps: During M&A, or organization-wide data minimization initiatives, automatically identify all sensitive data repositories, databases and files, consolidate sensitive data to minimize its footprint and exposure; combine disparate sensitive data sets into your unique business context for seamless analytics and comprehensive data lineage reporting.

Holistic Data Discovery
Solution: Discover and automatically classify all PII data: structured, semi-structured, and unstructured.
How comforte helps: Intelligent discovery engine automatically locates, identifies, and tags all structured, semi-structured, or unstructured PII data in minutes as opposed to weeks or months.

Discovery of Unknown Unknowns
Solution: Network-based approach to discovery and mapping of “unknown unknown” sensitive data sets.
How comforte helps: Network access, alone, enables, fully autonomous data discovery. No targeted scans required; no limits on discovering dark data.

Third Party Risk
Solution: Identify vendor exposure and when and if unapproved sensitive data is being shared.
How comforte helps: Monitor shared data with your third-party vendors in real time. Automatically detect and get notified when sensitive data is shared with a third party and confirm data policy rules enforcement.


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