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SafePoint Base

Fact sheet

Organizations around the world rely on the HPE NonStop Safeguard product as a critical means for securing HPE NonStop access. But working with SAFECOM, Safeguard’s ‘green-screen’ user interface, is extremely complex and time consuming, requiring administrators to log into individual systems and work with cumbersome syntax to manage security settings and policies.

With SafePoint Base, organizations can dramatically streamline Safeguard security administration, while enabling administrators to gain better control over security policies and mechanisms. SafePoint offers an intuitive, centralized interface that enables administrators to more efficiently and effectively manage Safeguard security. With SafePoint Base, administrators get a single solution for managing, monitoring and reporting upon multiple HPE NonStop systems – which yields significant time and cost savings.

Key benefits

  • Change security settings on multiple NonStop systems with a single command
  • Generate reports on users, ACLs, aliases and more
  • Schedule reports to run automatically
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