HPE Nonstop Security

SafePoint Logstream

Fact sheet

Security Best Practices and Data Security Regulations now mandate that organizations gather and process security events in a single location so administrators get adequate visibility into the organization’s real-time security status.  It is essential to properly collect HPE NonStop audit log data from various sources, normalize it, and archive it for safekeeping, analysis, and future audits.  This needs to be done efficiently, orderly, and with no loss of data.

With SafePoint Logstream, organizations can intelligently aggregate all Safeguard, NonStop SSH, iTP Webserver, EMS, SP sudo, and KSL (keystroke) log data so that security event data can be analyzed, in context, to facilitate threat analysis and security compliance.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time log collection
  • Improved log collection, retention, reporting, and analysis
  • Early detection of security breaches
  • Reducing the impact of security issues and breaches
  • Fault-tolerance provides for accurate and complete data collection, including after restarts
  • Broad integration with enterprise management SIEM solutions
  • SafePoint Splunk App included providing security visualizations, dashboards, and alerts.
  • Bonus HPE NonStop command-level security provided by SafePoint Sudo.

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