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MPSI Secures Growth with GDPR and PCI Compliant Data Protection

Case study, Top Assets

Mercury Processing Services International is a payments processing company based in Croatia and Slovenia. They serve over 5.6 million accounts in the financial and banking sectors across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and on average they process 1.5 million transactions per day. Technological expertise is the main driver of enhancing and enriching their existing business relations, as well as the main source for the innovations that they provide in the payment industry.

Mercury needed a solution that would not only properly meet key requirements of both GDPR and PCI DSS, but also so that they would have another layer of protection that would render data useless to potential hackers.

Read on to see how comforte’s SecurDPS enabled Mercury to fulfill their data protection requirements and that how it was implemented quickly and easily, without interrupting the business.

Here are just a few highlights:

  • Data is always secure, no matter if it's at rest, in motion or in use
  • Pseudonymisation requirements fulfilled without compensating controls
  • Solution implemented without interrupting the business or affecting service levels
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