Streamline Payments Processing

Reduce risk & costs by offloading transactions from legacy switches

To stay ahead...

To stay ahead of the competition payment processing organizations need to execute their business strategy more efficiently.

While facing new consumer demands, non-traditional competitors and heavy regulatory burdens, it is important to identify opportunities to lower the total cost of ownership of existing infrastructure.

Building an infrastructure that is efficient and cost effective becomes crucial to maintain and grow revenue streams.



Risks associated with legacy solutions
Traditional payments systems were predominantly designed to handle card payments only. As these systems are complex, upgrades can be extremely difficult to implement. Many of these systems are not up to date or are not supported by vendors anymore. As a result, the expertise and knowledge required to maintain these systems is often expensive and hard to come by.

Inefficient infrastructure
To address customer needs many payment organisations have to maintain an increasingly complex payment processing infrastructure. Vendors of payment switching applications take advantage of their clients’ dependence on expensive support and upgrades. Furthermore, duplications of processes and connectivity result in redundant infrastructure and banks often have to maintain multiple relationships with payment processors.

Total cost of ownership
An inefficient infrastructure always results in high prices for maintenance and IT management. The transaction based pricing strategy of many vendors results in high operational costs. Sometimes even on-us transactions are handled   via a payment service provider.

To compete effectively...

...banks need to streamline their payments processing. Many financial institutions develop business strategies to offload transactions from an inefficient and fragmented infrastructure.

Reducing the number of banking relationships and moving towards a more agile and efficient infrastructure enables payment processing organizations to lower operational costs.

Transforming the payments environment helps   to reduce risks and costs while protecting the investments made in existing systems and enabling agility for the future.

Improve Efficieny

Improve business agility, performance and scalability while lowering processing costs and complexity.

Offload from legacy solutions

Significantly reduce risk & costs by partially or even completely offloading transactions from legacy switches.

Lower TCO

Reduce operational costs & price per transaction to free up budget.

comforte Payments Suite

The comforte Payment Suite redefines the way payment organizations can ensure their business success. Due to its flexible and open architecture, it forms the ideal platform for digital banking transformation.

It is easy to adopt new agile strategies and offload transactions from costly legacy switches. Lower your total cost of ownership for current and future payment needs while controlling transition costs. 

The comforte Payments Suite is composed of independent applications that can either run stand-alone or in a seamless integrated environment. It is possible to perfectly tailor the solution for any organization – according to their specific business and technical needs.

Maximize your operational efficiency – with the comforte Payments Suite.
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