Empowering people and systems to securely transact business with Nonstop systems


As more people and systems connect, growth for organizations can be impacted due to outdated screen functionality and aging network hardware

Are you still using green screens?

The use of ‘green screens’ for customer fullfilment costs organizations time and money when training staff, and also poses a challenge to find scarce development resources (such as COBOL) when changes are necessary.

Everyday slowdowns in administrative tasks

Day to day administration can bog down especially when commands have to be typed in over and over across multiple systems. The inevitable ‘fat-finger’ mistakes can negatively impact businesses. Inefficient toolsets connecting to NonStop systems slow down workload activities and reduce responsiveness.

Legacy network hardware investment

Connecting to network hardware still in used in the field, but on ‘out-of-support’ maintenance agreements, can cost an organization more money than budgeted.

Connections open the world to more possibilites

Connecting people to NonStop systems

comforte provides simple to use, on-demand access which improves response times from your internal teams allowing them solve problems faster. 

Replace function-limited green screens with a modernized user interface powered by comforte.  You gain higher user acceptance and productivity, while investing less in training and on-boarding. 

Connecting NonStop systems to other systems

comforte provides modern, software-based connectivity, which reduces costs associated with out-of-support network hardware, while preserving performance and SLAs.


Comforte helps your organization reduce dependency on hard to find skills sets

MR-Win6530 - The leading terminal emulator endorsed by HPE

MR-Win6530 is the official System Console delivered with every HPE NonStop system shipped (J and L series operating systems)

Turn your Microsoft Windows desktop into an integrated, easy-to-use, and secure workplace for both application and system level access to HPE NonStop systems.

The outstanding performance and usability of MR-Win6530 provides a emulation package not only for HPE NonStop systems, but also for IBM or Unix system access.


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Connecting People and Systems

Improve user activity

Utilize a robust, modern interface for NonStop operations to increase staff productivity, promote self-sufficiency, and reduce the learning curve

Eliminate green screens

Extend proven applications with a platform-independent graphical user interface. Improve usability and reduce errors and response time with no impact to your business

Modernize connections to IBM mainframe servers

Update communication between HPE NonStop systems and IBM mainframe servers. Migrate seamlessly and transparently, with lower risk to applications

Integrating your NonStop with Kafka and Other Endpoints

High performance solutions to integrate your HPE NonStop applications and data with Kafka, and other endpoints, including HTTP, TCP/IP and REST

Case Study

comforte supports a key modernization effort for a core HPE NonStop application at Gallagher Bassett. Find out how 'green screens' were replaced and how Gallagher Bassett instantly saw an uptake in user acceptance and received less help-desk calls.

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