Omni-channel Payments

Implement holistic management & marketing for all payment channels

Today we are... to shop for everything imaginable at any given time and simply pay with a quick mouse click or a tap on our phone. While engaging with retailers in more ways than ever before we expect a consistent customer experience.

The retail payment environment is changing rapidly and is becoming more and more diverse. Therefore payment organizations need to support a variety of different payment channels.

Providing a seamless and secure omni-channel customer experience for the growing number of payment channels is a challenge.



Long Time to market
Traditional payments systems are not always easy to adapt to handle digital payments. This along with a long time to market for new products can pose major issues for payment organizations.

Fragmented infrastructure
To manage the individual requirements of ATM, POS, eCommerce, online, and mobile channels, some organizations have implemented a single application capable of integrating all of the above, while others have a variety of payment applications.

For organizations in the latter category, these payment applications require different systems and are managed by different vendors. This leads to a siloed infrastructure that is often difficult and expensive to maintain.

Inconsistent Customer Experience
Whenever there are payment silos, user experience suffers due to the lack of integration across channels.



As needs change over time, only an adaptable architecture enables the rapid integration of emerging payment channels and a shorter time to market for new products.

A single holistic platform allows organizations to orchestrate a wide range of payment channels in a cost effective manner. It enables new ATM and POS solutions and offers aggregate support for platforms like MyBank & PayPal while   delivering channel specific capabilities and simplifying IT management.

Gaining valuable customer insights across multiple channels allows organizations to customize offers and rewards and deliver a personalized and consistent customer journey. Only a holistic omni-channel solution enables you to conduct digital marketing with success across all channels.

Payment organizations need to focus on a holistic omni-channel strategy to improve customer experience, cost efficiency and time to market for new products.

Shorter Time to Market

Reduce time-to-market for new products to stay ahead of the competition.

Holistic Strategy

Integrate new channels seamlessly while reducing costs.

Customer experience

Gain valuable insights into customers' behaviors and offer a consistent customer experience to conduct digital marketing with success.

The comforte Payments Suite

The comforte Payment Suite redefines the way payment organizations can ensure their success.

It enables financial organizations to proactively and effectively manage ATM, Kiosk, EFT-POS terminals, Internet and mobile device channels in a fully automated, secure, and integrated environment.

A flexible architecture makes it possible to perfectly tailor the solution for any organization – according to their specific business and technical needs. Being completely ‘platform agnostic' and flexible to be stand-alone or fully embedded with other payment applications, it forms the ideal platform for digital banking transformation. This helps you to protect the investments made in existing systems.

The comforte Payment Suite provides the necessary capabilities to adopt new agile strategies and to cover new evolving payment methods. Furthermore, it helps you to get real-time insights into any customer touchpoint and to deliver additional customer value, which enables you to stay on top of the market.

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