Payments Transformation

Differentiate and grow in the payments market

Today’s payment ecosystem is disrupted by evolving technologies, new payment methods and regulations. Banks need to focus on an innovative business strategy to turn these disruptions into opportunities.

Planning and executing new digital business models is complex and usually can’t be supported by existing systems as they were not created with the fundamental design of agility and flexibility.

Discover how comforte can help your organization to differentiate and grow in the payments market.

Open Banking

Prepare for the future of payment APIs & get ready for PSD2

In today’s world, consumers are requesting new innovative ways to pay and to manage their accounts. Payment organizations need to focus on their customer relationships.

While legacy systems offer a robust environment for traditional payment methods and may have once been considered state of the art, many are not equipped to support more recent innovations like Open Banking. In addition, regulations like PSD2 are setting requirements and timelines which banks have to comply with.

Find out more on how comforte can help you to implement an effective Open Banking strategy to secure your growth.


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Implement holistic management & marketing for all payment channels

The retail payment environment is changing rapidly and is becoming more and more diverse. New payment channels are evolving quickly and consumers are engaging with retailers in more ways than ever before.

Find out how to implement a holistic omni-channel solution while keeping costs and project risk at a minimum.


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Streamline Payments Processing

Reduce risk & costs by offloading transactions from legacy switches

The Payments industry has become a highly competitive environment. Traditional payments environments can be fragmented, inefficient and difficult to maintain.

To compete effectively banks need to streamline their payments processing. Transforming their payments environment helps to reduce risks and costs while protecting the investments made in existing systems.

Find out how to execute your business strategy with greater efficiency and at lower cost.


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