End to End Data-Centric Security Platform

Always protect what you value most.

Data-centric security requires a comprehensive platform that not only offers protection methods fitting your specific use cases, but that also allows you to identify and classify data-sets and perform data analytics across all of them. Protecting data requires knowing where data is, and knowing what it is. A data-centric solution must be comprehensive and must enable you to integrate these capabilities easily into your enterprise applications and existing cyber security infrastructure.

comforte’s data security platform comprises three integrated packages to enable a comprehensive data security strategy: SecurDPS Discovery & Classification, SecurDPS Enterprise for data protection integration and monitoring, and SecurDPSConnect for cloud-based services and applications.

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SecurDPS Discover & Classify

Know Your Data. All of it.

Because of governmental regulations, industry standards, and even internal compliance rules, organizations like yours need to take complete control of sensitive data. Managing sensitive data with data-centric security helps your organization to comply with these mandates, thereby reducing the risk of breaches while leveraging valuable but overlooked data for better business insights – all while improving your competitive advantage.

comforte’s SecurDPSDiscover and Classify enables organizations to detect and analyze all usage of data and its lineage without relying upon pre-existing organizational knowledge of that data. The process is completely automated, which makes it much easier to get a clear picture of how your data is being stored, process, and shared in real-time.

SecurDPS Enterprise

One size doesn't fit all.

Your organization and datasets are unique. Traditional data security methods that a one size fits all approach and focus on establishing and protecting a perimeter. As we all know, cookie-cutter perimeter-based security methods can be easily compromised given enough time and effort--most threat actors can easily find step-by-step instructions for bypassing common perimeter techniques!

comforte's SecurDPS Enterprise provides many options for data-centric protection, including tokenization, format-preserving encryption, and data masking, without the complicated overhead of many key-based solutions. Our enterprise-grade solution promotes rather than inhibits business processes by preserving enough data to run applications such as data analytics while still securely obfuscating key sensitive elements. 

SecurDPS Connect

It's your responsibility to secure your cloud data.

Every company is ultimately responsible for its own data security, even if that data is stored in a cloud service environment. Unfortunately, too many organizations depend on their cloud service or aaS provider for data security, even though their security methods are rudimentary at best. This puts all your cloud-based data at significant risk.

comforte's SecurDPS Connect secures all your sensitive data and information intended for cloud destinations. All of its security mechanisms comply with industry standards. Based on your business and regulatory needs, SecurDPS Connect offers various options for tokenization, format-preserving encryption, classic encryption, and data masking.

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"Using comforte’s platform we can balance data use, privacy, customer data value,

and security under a single integrated and intelligent platform."

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