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Digital Complexity requires Data Protection

Growing complexity of digital business ecosystems. Ever-present data exposure risks. Increased pressure to be in compliance with evolving regulations. These conditions are forcing businesses to find and adopt new data security and privacy standards. Unfortunately, most solutions are proving to be incomplete, overly difficult to use, and incompatible with modern DevOps practices.

We take a different approach. With powerful data privacy, data security, and automation technology, organizations can be more agile and still meet their compliance needs, secure their own applications and products, and embrace SaaS, cloud, and cloud-native strategies.

What you need to know

Threat actors are still successfully bypassing legacy defenses. One overlooked security hole or vulnerability, and suddenly attackers can find a way through. And don’t forget about inside jobs. Many traditional data security solutions are actually pre-cloud and pre-regulation, with lengthy and complex deployments and only minimal risk mitigation value.

Power through regulatory roadblocks with measurably reduced risk

Protect sensitive data at its earliest point of entry into your systems Reduce the need to expose the data over the entire data lifecycle Implementing data-centric security requires a platform that not only offers protection methods fitting your specific use cases, but that also allows you to identify and classify data-sets and perform data analytics across all of them. A data-centric solution must enable you to integrate into your enterprise applications and existing cyber security infrastructure. Our data security platform comprises three integrated services to enable a comprehensive end-to-end data security strategy: SecurDPS Discovery & Classification, SecurDPS Enterprise for data protection integration and monitoring, and SecurDPS Connect.

Intelligent and automated data discovery and privacy management for compliance

This AI-driven and policy-based solution can understand the contextual nature of sensitive data and drive ongoing automated discovery. It can learn patterns of identity, scan and sample data to rapidly map where data resides, and help determine which data is regulated and exposed across structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sets. The solution can quickly associate data sets with data lineage and then identify data movement in live applications and workflows, building an up-to-date catalog. This is not only beneficial for compliance but also allows you to manage risk by knowing where potential dangers actually are in your data sets.

Holistic data protection with linear scalability and fault tolerance comforte’s data security platform uses the results of discovery to determine data protection policies. It is a scalable and fault-tolerant solution enabling successful protection of sensitive data with minimal effort and with little to no impact on existing applications. With built-in automatic failover, scaling, and load handling, we’ve taken care of the complexity so you don’t have to—speeding up deployment, avoiding even more complexity, and ensuring business service levels are where they need to be.

Protection methods by comforte can secure any sensitive structured data while preserving the meaning, utility, and value of live data in your environment. For many applications, including analytics and test, development, processing can run on protected sensitive fields without requiring live, clear data – reducing risk and compliance scope across a large number of scenarios.

Comforte offers a variety of data protection methods, including industry-standard-based data tokenization, encryption, next-generation format-preserving encryption, data masking, and hashing.

Using a micro-services approach, the system is designed for scalability, fault tolerance, and high performance. It handles any outage transparently to the applications that are utilizing protection services.

The protection system that handles the conversion from live to sensitive data enables granular control, visibility, audit, and reporting over all sensitive data access. For policy management and enforcement for sensitive data companies can leverage standard IAM infrastructure. The platform also creates a solid audit trail and allows stakeholders to gain real-time insights around data protection in the enterprise.

From Hybrid to Multi-Cloud to Cloud Native

Comforte’s data security platform offers multiple deployment options. The elements of our platform can run fully distributed across your environment including on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid deployment options. It is already cloud native, with full integration into auto-scaling, self-healing, metrics, logging, operation, and control via APIs in modern stacks and CI/CD pipelines.

No matter what kind of innovative solutions, new APIs, new business partners, or new technologies you need to enable, you can rest assured that your core remains secure.

  • Reduce business liability and avoid accidental exposure by insiders or 3rd party vendors as SecurDPS replaces in- -the-clear sensitive data with token values that are meaningless if it is exposed.
  • Achieve true compliance and reduce dependency on compensating controls as a temporary measure to pass Security Audits.
  • Monetize data and continue to grow and land new business as you exchange data with other companies in a manner that does not expose sensitive data.

Solution Summary

When used together, the full SecurDPS platform can enable organizations to understand all of their sensitive data assets. With powerful levels of visibility—including a better and more rapid understanding of data privacy risks as well as visibility into lineage and use of data—your organization can gain a unique and powerful perspective for planning privacy compliance, implementing cloud migrations, and then measuring your breach risks in a quantitative manner.

Besides discovery, the ability to instrument data protection over sensitive data in a consistent and intuitive manner at scale provides total control over sensitive data, wherever it goes. This facilitates cloud migration, SaaS adoption, deeper data science, and other high-value activities involving sensitive data without data-leakage exposure.

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