Today's business demands require a new type of
data-centric protection focused on:

Protecting Data

Protecting sensitive data is as important as trying to prevent breaches


Regulations require you to control and secure data at all times


Traditional controls just aren't working with new cloud-based architectures.

Data-centric security is a business enabler

Integrated data-centric security is part of your overall business strategy.

Unfortunately, traditional controls focus on the border around the data, keeping data siloed and sometimes unusable. This approach is incompatible with business drivers such as data analytics and automated AI/ML workflows.

Data-centric security fundamentally changes the way you protect, control, audit, and work with your most sensitive business data by tokenizing sensitive data elements and preserving its original format.

A blueprint for data-centric security

An effective data-centric security solution is broader than just data protection.

  • A comprehensive platform for both data discovery and protection that can scale as an organization grows

  • Architected for cloud native and modern DevOps environments

  • Transparent integration to shorten project time, accelerate time-to-value, and avoid lengthy service interruptions

“Comforte's data-security platform and industry experience make them an ideal partner for protecting sensitive information and keeping it private.”

Marty Edelman, former Director of Payment Services at Home Depot

What we do

We deliver a holistic data security platform with integrated security policy management. Our data security platform comprises individual integrated services to enable a comprehensive end-to-end data security strategy.

  • Understand your risk exposure by discovering your sensitive data assets and data lineage

  • Reduce business liability and avoid accidental exposure of sensitive data

  • Achieve compliance with privacy and data security regulations and industry mandates

  • Instrument data protection in a consistent and intuitive manner at scale, gaining total control over sensitive enterprise data

Watch the video to understand how to begin a data-centric security project.

Learn more about our data security platform

Our data-centric approach balances your need for data use with the demand for data privacy and security. Read this solution brief to get more details about our end-to-end data-centric security platform.

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Data Discovery

You can't protect what you don't know exists!

Discover data and its usage, even sensitive data you didn't know existed in your enterprise environment.

Data Discovery offers a complete solution for discovering sensitive enterprise data and its lineage, with rapid mapping of data storage, processing, access, and use. Our solution aligns with modern privacy compliance requirements for data-intensive industries.

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Data Protection

Are you really in control of your data?

Your enterprise data needs to be secure - independent of applications, databases, and platforms - at rest, in motion, or in use. 

Our data protection methods can secure any sensitive data while preserving the meaning, utility, and value of live data. Our integration capabilities reduce implementation costs and effort to a minimum in order to shorten project time and avoid service interruptions.

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