Maximize the value of your data while preserving privacy

Comforte offers innovative data-centric security solutions to Databricks customers as an Integrated Partner Solution. This partnership allows users of the Databricks platform to securely accelerate and scale their strategic initiatives in becoming data-driven enterprises.

Our approach prioritizes safeguarding the data itself, employing a data-centric security strategy. This means that even in the event of a data breach, the exposed data remains indecipherable and useless to unauthorized parties. We offer simple, robust solutions for data discovery and encryption, providing a comprehensive layer of protection against data threats.


Use of AI technology


More datasets for analysis


Muliticloud and scalability with protection that travels with data

comforte Data Protection Technologies

Tokenization & Format Preserving Encryption

A protection technique where a sensitive data element is substituted by a so-called token. The token itself maps back to the original data element but doesn’t expose any sensitive data.

Data Masking

A non-reversible protection method in which characters of a sensitive value are permanently replaced with masking characters to protect data on its way throughout the application stack

Classic Encryption

A protection technique in which plaintext values are protected by using an encryption algorithm to generate a protected element.

Format Preserving Hashing

A non-reversible protection method where an algorithm creates a hash string that is fixed in size.

Why work with us

  • Proven industry leadership – over 25 years of experience in protecting mission-critical systems for banks, payment providers, insurers, retailers, healthcare organizations and others.
  • Global trust and reliablity – secures data for more than 500 enterprise clients worldwide.
  • Protect data elements from capture – keep data protected, at-rest, in-motion, in-use - in applications and analytics.
  • Preserve data utility while keeping it secure – eliminate complex key management challenges.

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