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61. DORA   Next steps Ensuring compliance with DORA is paramount. If you're seeking insights into how to comply with DORA, reach out to our experts to discuss tailored solutions that help you meet…  
62. DORA   AUSTRALIAN PRIVACY ACT COMPLIANCE    DORADigital Operational Resilience Actdefault  
63. Payments   Key capabilities  
64. NACHA   Next steps default  
65. NACHA   AUSTRALIAN PRIVACY ACT COMPLIANCE    NACHANational Automated Clearing House Associationdefault  
66. Payments   Achieve and Maintain PCI Compliance Utilize comforte’s Data Security Platform to meet the stringent regulatory demands of PCI DSS v4.0, encompassing requirements over protection, access controls,…  
67. Banking Modernization   Data Discovery and Classification Localización y clasificación de datosKey Capabilities  
68. Banking Modernization   Data-centric security addresses risk and compliance roadblocks encountered in bank modernization projects. The approach means banks can securely move pre-protected data to the public cloud,…  
69. Payments   SECURE PAYMENT PROCESSINGProtect Cardholder Data and Optimize Payment System Securitydefault  
70. Banking Modernization   MODERN BANKING SYSTEMS DATA SECURITYProtect Data Across Hybrid and Cloud Banking Environmentsdefault  
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