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131.Leading Data Security to Secure Your Growth  Instrument Sensitive Data Discovery as a Continuous Process Identify Data, Ownership, Lineage & Flows Define security policies based on data inventory Instrument Data Security in applications… 
132.Leading Data Security to Secure Your Growth  INDUSTRY AWARDS & RECOGNITIONWe are proud of the industry recognition to our data security platform, our professional team, and our commitment to client success.  
133.Leading Data Security to Secure Your Growth - Number Number SECURE YOUR GROWTH WITH COMFORTE … 
135.Merchants and Retailers  Payment processing security for merchants and retailers Reduce the risks of card data exposure and ensure privacy of customer data, ultimately restoring trust.white  
136.Merchants and Retailers digital payments security for merchants and retailers - protects payment cards, reduces data breach threats, ensures data privacy, helps with compliance regulations and laws 
137.Partners & Alliances  PARTNER WITH USresponsive  
138.Partners & Alliances  "If you want to go fast, go alone;  If you want to go far, go together" - African Proverb Who do we trust to solve the needs of customers outside of our solutions? More than 500 companies… 
140.Partners & Alliances  Associations and Participating Organizations  
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