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SecurDPS/24 -Data at Rest Protection for BASE24

Fact sheet

Organizations who process credit and debit cards through ACI Worldwide's BASE24 payment application, have a major challenge - protecting the storage of primary account numbers (PANs) that are processed. Access Control mechanisms are in place, but it's fairly common knowledge that access controls have limitations. Securing PANs are also a requirement by several Compliance Regulations, most notably PCI DSS.

SecurDPS/24 specifically addresses credit and debit card protection for BASE24. Organizations can easily install and activate protection for PANs, without requiring a major software development project, nor requiring a payment processing outage. SecurDPS/24 integrates seamlessly with BASE24 by intercepting I/O requests of data to ensure there is little to no recognizable performance impact on normal and peak transaction volumes. PANs are protected with the highest protection standard as defined in the ANSI X9 Standard (X9.119 Protection of Sensitive Payment Card Data) and surpasses the Compliance requirements as defined in the latest PCI DSS version (v3.2 requirement 3.4).


  1. Protected PANs have no usable value to attackers or bad actors
  2. Snap-in Installation for ACI BASE24 and BASE24-eps)
  3. NO code changes required for BASE24
  4. NO business downtime to go from unprotected PANs to protected
  5. Negligible performance impact, does not slow down transaction processing
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