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Fact Sheet: CSP Authenticator+

Fact sheet

CSP Authenticator+ is a multi-factor authentication solution for HPE NonStop servers. It supports various authentication methods and can be used as a Safeguard SEEP, or with Pathway (or other) applications.

It provides a RESTful interface to the CSP Authenticator+ web-server to support multi-factor logins on HPE NonStop systems.


Methods supported include RSA SecurID, RADIUS, Active Directory, LDAP, Email, Text Message, and Google Authenticator. CSP's agile development model allows for the inclusion of additional authentication methods based on specific customer requirements.


Key benefits:


• Protect valuable resources and data from attacks


• Add layers of authentication for secure access to systems and critical applications


• Address PCI compliance requirement 8.3, which requires multi-factor authentication for all personnel with remote access and non-console administrative access to the cardholder data environment


• Integrate with centralized ID management systems to effectively manage users


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