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Analyst Report: California Consumer Privacy Act - The Need for Data-Centric Security


CCPA is the latest in a series of global privacy regulations. It comes with new requirements for dealing with personal data and is accompanied by severe penalties. Thus, businesses must take appropriate action to comply with CCPA. While handling consent and opt-outs are at the forefront, successful mitigation of risks starts with data-centric security – it is about understanding where personal data resides and encrypting or anonymizing that data whenever possible. This is where technology, such as data tokenization becomes an essential element for every business.

Highlights from this analyst report:

  • Understanding the impact of CCPA and related privacy regulations and the potential consequences for businesses
  • Six key actions to achieve compliance with CCPA
  • The role of data-centric security for CCPA compliance: discovery and anonymization of data are key to success
  • How tokenization, format-preserving encryption, and data masking help in meeting regulatory requirements of CCPA and mitigating risks of data breaches and fraudulent use of personal data
  • Recommendations for businesses on how to prioritize their actions for becoming CCPA ready


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