It's really not impossible

Manage sensitive data across your entire organization.

The real problem is that, at any given time, you have no way of knowing all the places to look for sensitive data in a complex enterprise environment.

After all, data usage is extremely dynamic and constantly evolving.

You've made the commitment

Reducing risk is a mandated obligation.

It's also an expectation your customers have.

This much is obvious - to fulfill on your charter, you need to get a clear picture of how your data is being stored, processed, and shared in near real-time.

How do you protect it all?

You can't with an incomplete view.

With partial information about data comes only partial governance. In this case, you really can’t be fully compliant.

This is true for all of your data. Not just some of it.

You don't have to know where to look

You want to discover all data without relying upon the organization’s incomplete knowledge of the existence or location of the data.

Watch this video to find out.

Manual snapshots and analytics won't get you there.

Those who have tried have failed. Don't fail.

And we'll say it again: unknown data is unknown risk. And this kind of risk is bad for business.

Automation saves the day again!

You never thought automation was just a passing fad, right?

Your network and infrastructure change rapidly. Using network analytics helps your company discover sensitive data and its uses, even the data you didn't know existed - both structured or unstructured.

Ongoing discovery allows you to identify sensitive data, misused or misplaced copies, and data that is transmitted to unknown or unauthorized destinations.

Structured and unstructured data

We catch it all!

With comforte’s discovery and classification solution, you can discover ALL your data, automatically and without relying on any organizational knowledge or preconceived notions.

It allows you to catalog your company’s sensitive data continuously and accurately.

Next step: data classification

Identify and separate data.

After discovering your enterprise data, you need to learn more about it.

Using an intelligent and automated system enables you to truly understand your data, lowers risk, monetize your data, and protect it, all while maintaining compliance.

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Data Protection Methods

Protection methods not only vary in how they change the data. You should consider far more when choosing the right mechanism for a specific use case.

Read this e-book to learn more about protection methods and their use cases.

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Learn how comforte's data protection offering was initially selected to meet PCI DSS requirements, and then it was also chosen to address cross-regulatory compliance for GDPR and other data privacy requirements.

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Find out why one of the largest credit card processors in the world selected SecurDPS as the only data security solution they could trust to protect hundreds of millions of cardholder data.

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