Comforte Brand Guidelines


With our company’s growth and new direction, a consistent message is critical in establishing a powerful brand. This page is to provide guidelines on how to use the comforte brand assets, which includes:



Official logo

It is intended to be used on lighter backgrounds and images in order to maintain legibility.

Alternate logo

Another acceptable color option is to reverse the logo out to White on darker backgrounds and images.


“comforte” is our proper name when written in text. Please notice that "C"should be capitalized only when it is the first word of the paragraph. For example:


Comforte’s data security platform allows organizations to take complete control of their sensitive data. Our vision, focused on data privacy and security automation, is to enable digital data freedom and simplicity without risk for leading enterprises faced with complex privacy and security regulatory requirements.  


Transparent integration, interception and interceding technology enables tokenization and field-level encryption to be instrumented with configuration without code changes. For example, comforte’s unique Virtual Tokenizing File Systems enable rapid deployment to complex batch and file-based processes, and the SecurDPS Connect technology enables traditional database, cloud, SaaS, web or stream processes and applications to be transparently secured with granular controls without code change.  


Colour is an important communicative element of any identity system. Our new brand colour palette consists of six core hues — one less than the standard rainbow — used as solids. These colours reflect our diverse landscape. The consistent use of these colours defines our distinctive character and should be used on all communications and promotional materials.


Icons and their usage principles were designed to communicate quickly and effectively across all touchpoints (from product to marketing). We use informal and technical styles of icons. The technical style works well at small sizes in the product while the informal style works better in signage and marketing. Please download to see more icons.



Company PowerPoint template

Using a standard PowerPoint template helps to deliver a consistent message. Our template is well-developed presentation designs. It already has the slides laid out and prepared. Please always find the latest comforte PowerPoint template here.




Our collective work is what builds the comforte brand, and our team is always available to help you do just that. If you have questions or feedback, our inbox is open.



Comforte Marketing team

October 2020