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    Technical products to solve real world business problems.

    comforte is a leading provider of “infrastructure products” for HPE NonStop servers. While we do not sell application software, our products are instrumental to secure, connect or modernize your applications which pay for your NonStop systems.

    If you do know which technology you are after already (“SSL encryption of ATM network traffic”) you might want to start in our product area – however if you have foremost a business problem to solve, the solution area of our web site is the place to be.

    Choose a category you are interested in to learn how our products solve real business problems. However, if you’d rather talk to an expert right away please do Contact us.

    NonStop Security

    A Secure NonStop System: Mission Impossible?

    NonStop Connectivity

    Connecting NonStop with Everything – in both directions

    NonStop Modernization

    comforte guides you to better applications.

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