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101.Privacy Policy  For the latest detailed information about our Cookie Settings, please follow this link >> Cookies Settings  
102.Privacy Policy  Privacy policy and information on the use of cookies comforte AG takes the protection of your personal data seriously and has implemented the according legal provisions of the General Data… 
103.Service Level Agreement 
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104.Merchants and Retailers digital payments security for merchants and retailers - protects payment cards, reduces data breach threats, ensures data privacy, helps with compliance regulations and laws 
105.How to avoid a data breach  How does a data breach happen?darkGrey  
106.How to avoid a data breach  Should your business be concerned?darkGrey  
107.How to avoid a data breach  How comforte is helping to combat data breaches?blackToGrey  
108.HPE Nonstop  For more than 20 years, comforte has developed trusted solutions for HPE NonStop systems embraced by more than 500 successful businesses worldwide.  As companies expand their presence into the… 
109.How to avoid a data breach  Did you know that data breaches have multiple causes?darkGrey  
110.Digital Enablement  Inflexible Applications Many applications on NonStop system still write data to Enscribe files. Enscribe has severe limitations for running dynamic queries, which restricts the capability for… 
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