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SafePoint Key Stroke Logging (KSL)

Fact sheet

The ability to track user activities are critical in preventing, detecting, and minimizing the impact of a data compromise. Data security compliance requirements (from PCI DSS for example) require organizations to establish a process for linking all access to system components to each individual user and to implement automated audit trails for all system components. This can be achieved by implementing ‘keystroke logging’ which records all keyboard activity of a user on a HPE NonStop system.

SafePoint KSL provides organizations with the right tools to be able to record and to report on all user keyboard activity on HPE NonStop systems and to create customized event reports.

Key Benefits

  • Meets compliance requirements for logging actions taken by individuals with root or administrative privileges.
  • Comprehensive reporting facility which make providing reports and proving audit compliance easy.
  • Integrates with SIEM to ensure keystroke alert conditions are reported to a central security console.
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