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uLinga for X.25

Fact sheet

Continued support of X.25 connectivity on HPE NonStop

uLinga for X.25 enables NonStop users to migrate their network of X.25 client devices/terminals seamlessly from X.25 to TCP/IP – without the need to change mission-critical applications or the client interface relied upon by users. With uLinga, organizations can standardize on the open TCP/IP standard and achieve greater operational efficiency. uLinga for X.25 is an implementation of the XOT (X.25 over TCP/IP) protocol which enables the legacy X.25 protocol to be run over TCP/IP networks.

Key Benefits

  • Runs on any NonStop server including NonStop X
  • Replaces SWAN boxes (which are now EOL) and X25AM software (which is not available on NonStop X)
  • Becomes a standardised, supportable interface
  • Reduce costs for costly SNA infrastructure
  • Minimize integration risk and effort with no to minimal changes to application code
  • Boost flexibility by using the industry-standard TCP/IP protocol
  • Simplify management; strengthen security
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