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Fact sheet

Single Sign-On security and convenience for HPE NonStop

True Single Sign-on Solution for HPE NonStop using the Kerberos Network Authentication Protocol.

SecurSSO implements a subset of the Kerberos Standard on the HPE NonStop platform. The solution is compatible with Microsoft Active Directory and other Kerberos-based single sign-on solutions. SecurSSO cooperates with HPE NonStop SSH or SecurSH, to provide both user and host authentication via SSH.

With SecurSSO, users can log onto HPE NonStop Servers through their existing Windows credentials, and gain single sign-on access to all authorized applications, including TACL and other NonStop services. SecurSSO supports SSO-enabling BASE24 out of the box.

Key Benefits

  • Strengthened security and compliance with password policies and access control mechanisms
  • Streamlined security administration
  • Boost user productivity
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