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Fact sheet

PANfinder™ is a sophisticated yet inexpensive software tool which scans your systems for unmasked and non-encrypted payment card data or PANs (Primary Account Numbers). Once PANfinder™ has found any readable/unprotected PAN data on your systems, you can take steps to secure or remove it. When no more unsecured PANs are detected, PANfinder™ helps you prove all your PANs are being stored in accordance with PCI DSS. By building up a history of clean PANfinder™ reports, you're well placed to provide auditors with proof of historic compliance.

Fulfill These Key PCI Requirements:

  • PCI Requirement 3.2: Do not store sensitive authentication data after authorization
  • PCI Requirement 3.4: Render PAN unreadable anywhere it is stored
  • PCI Requirement 6.4.3: Production data (live PANs) are not used for testing or development
  • PCI Requirement 12.5: PCI-DSS scope is documented and validated
  • PCI Requirement 12.5.2: Identify all locations where account data is stored, processed, and transmitted

PANfinder™ is the only PAN data discovery tool for HPE NonStop environments, including S Series, Itanium and Blades.

Download the fact sheet to learn more.

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