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Fact sheet: NSGit for Guardian

Fact sheet

Companies, which perform any type of software development typically have programming source code to manage, as well as a history of versions to maintain. Larger enterprises may have hundreds, or even thousands of code and versions to keep track of. Development teams and managers use software control management (SCM) tools and version control systems (VCS) to centralize and simplify this hugely important task.

Using Git on HPE NonStop systems

Git is the most widely used distributed version control system by developers today, and NSGit extends the Git capabilities specifically for HPE NonStop systems beyond OSS, to GUARDIAN, where most core applications exist. Development teams can now include both OSS and GUARDIAN for HPE NonStop systems into the full Git eco-system without the need to use or learn a new set of SCM or VCS tools.

Key Benefits

  • Releases can be moved from Development, QA, Production, and back, using standard Git mechanisms
  • this results in less Change Management errors or Production reversals
  • Identifies all contributors to your code, including vendors, developers, and ops staff
  • creates a closed-loop change tracking system (audit trail)
  • Works with ENSCRIBE artifact including EDIT files, DDL dictionaries, POBJ files
  • no code left behind, it's all centralized and managed
  • Supports Jenkins, NSDEE, code review capabilities, GitHub, JIRA, and more
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