Digital Payment Security

The payments industry is rapidly changing. Who says payments cannot be more secure than ever?

Cards can be replaced, identities cannot

With increasing requirements for mobile services, cardless transactions, and open banking, there is now more data passing through organizations than ever before. Companies collect personal data from consumers for rewards programs, convenience services, and even for analytics and decision-making.

Digital payment security is more than protecting card numbers. Your business must protect the personal info from your customers to ensure their privacy.


Businesses today have more data at risk than ever


Where are your payments security concerns?

Payments processing for merchants and retailers

Reduce risks of card data exposure and ensure privacy of customer data, ultimately restoring trust.

Open banking and the next generation of payments

Open banking, mobile wallets and payment apps are great for your business, security failure is not.

Financial institutions & payments service providers

Protect your payments infrastructure with no impact or disruption to your core business.

Digital payment security in action

How do you secure 1 billion credit cards?

Find out how one of the world's most recognized payments brands is securing its massive credit card network and protecting cardholder data.

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Learn how this payments service provider is protecting over 5.6 million accounts from potential attacks, while ensuring data compliance with standards such as PCI DSS and GDPR.

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Read how this 106 year old financial institution with over 1,000 branches and nearly 6,000 ATMs establishes trust by ensuring security is a top priority.

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Featured Resources

Cross-regulatory compliance for PSPs

Meeting PCI requirements is one thing, ensuring Data Privacy is another. Find out how PSPs can achieve compliance, with the right strategy.

Data security as an enabler for PSPs

Data security enables payments service providers to meet cross-regulatory compliance, and offers a whole lot more.

Securely analyze and monetize payments data

Monetize intelligence from Big Data Analytics while keeping data private and a low risk of data exposure.

comforte certificate for top 10 digital payment security solution providers 2018

SecurDPS was also selected as one of the Most Critical Cybersecurity Products in the Last 30 Years for SC Media’s 30th Anniversary Awards

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