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Fact Sheet: SecurDPS Enterprise

Fact sheet

As your business grows, the last thing your organization needs is a data breach, data exposure incident, or a complex security audit to slow your progress. Infrastructures including on-premise processing and cloud deployments, as well as data collection and analysis, create plenty of opportunity for security lapses in data protection. Current and incoming regulations also require businesses to do more to maintain security and data privacy.

SecurDPS Enterprise - the Data Protection Suite

Perimeter defenses, identity access management, and intrusion detection, help deter or slow down attackers from impacting your business. However, security gaps still exist when attackers are successful at bypassing those controls. The data-centric approach, deployed by SecurDPS Enterprise is proven to be one of the most effective means at reducing the risks of a data breach or data exposure incident. SecurDPS outperforms other data security solutions by protecting data at its earliest point of entry into your systems, and by reducing the need to de-protect the data. This means your business can continue to operate, and while reducing risks of exposing data.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible Data Protection mechanisms including Tokenization, Encryption, and Masking based on your business and regulatory needs
  • Format preserving protection which means the protected data won't break your existing data structures while the data is protected
  • Intelligent Integration Options such as SmartAPIs and Transparent Integration resulting in less Development work to get to a protected state
  • Fault-tolerant, cluster deployment architecture provides data protection confidence on-premise, in the cloud, or As-A-Service
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