TOP - GUI for NonStop

The Operations Pack

  • Description

    TOP (The Operations Pack) - The GUI for NonStop

    The Operations Pack (TOP) provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to HPE NonStop servers through a Windows program. The subsystems most commonly used by operations, security, systems and development staff can be accessed through TOP’s user interface for easy command, control and configuration. Experienced staff are more productive and new staff have a shallower learning curve when using TOP.

    The Operations Pack (TOP) GUI
    The Operations Pack (TOP) GUI for NonStop


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  • Core Components and Functionality 

    Type, status and current load.
    Event viewer, collector and distributor status, configuration and control.
    Find processes or files.
    Servernet status and process status, configuration and control.
    OSS File System
    Access to files and directories, status, edit, email, transfer, cut, paste, delete, create, etc.
    OSS Fileset
    Status, configuration and control.
    OSS Servers
    Status, configuration and control.
    Status and control of Guardian processes.
    Control over who can do what to what using TOP.
    Status, configuration, and control of S-Series, Integrity NS-Series and Blade Server storage devices.
    The ability to define customized actions to carry out against objects in TOP.
    View, command, control and configure TCP/IP, Telnet, STN, IP CLIM, including firewalls
    Guardian File System – Files
    Modify, edit, compare, email, view
    Guardian File System – Volumes, Subvols
    Status, capacity, graphical PAK, UNPAK, Subvol comparison, graphical DSAP
    Configure and control Netbatch, from schedulers to job details
    TOP’s Pathway Manager application provides a separate GUI for administering multiple Pathways
    Configure, view and manage all aspects of Safeguard
    Access spooler jobs for printing, emailing or viewing. Manage all aspects of spoolers, from deleting jobs to adding a new spooler.
    Configure and control TMF

  • TOP Modules & Additional Features

    Integration with MR-Win6530

    Seamless integration with MR-Win6530 for terminal sessions.

    TOP UserID

    An easy-to-use GUI to monitor and manage NonStop user IDs, aliases, and groups.

    TOP Spool

    A comprehensive spooler monitoring and management tool for NonStop server and workstation printers.

    TOP Comms

    A comprehensive communications manager for NonStop systems.

    TOP Path

    A powerful GUI for Pathway configuration, management and operation.

    TOP Explorer

    An easy-to-use GUI for managing nodes and system components. This component provides an interface to most of the common subsystems in the NonStop environment.

  • TOP integration with MR-Win6530 

    Seamless integration with MR-Win6530

    TOP integrates seamlessly with the MR-Win6530 terminal emulation product

    • If you have licensed both TOP and MR-Win6530, you can start emulation sessions both from MR-Win6530 or from TOP
    • If you have licensed TOP only, you can start emulation sessions only from TOP


    Here is how you can start an emulation session from within TOP

    • The TOP explorer gives you an overview of your NonStop systems
    • If you need to open a terminal session to one of the systems, a right click on that system will allow to start emulation sessions from the Tools menu
    • You will get a logged on TACL or OSS prompt in a separate Window. These sessions will use the powerful features of MR-Win6530 such as command history or session monitor bar

    TOP Screenshot


    MR-Win6530 Screenshot


  • TOP UserID 

    An easy-to-use GUI to monitor and manage NonStop user IDs, aliases, and groups.


    TOP UserID provides a graphical layer that preserves your existing Safeguard or Guardian security investment and enables you to perform user management tasks on any node to which you are logged on.


    Key features at a glance:

    • Smart dialogs simplify managing user community
    • Wizards speed up tedious user management tasks
    • Support for systems running with and without Safeguard


    TOP UserID features include:

    • Control of user ID, alias and group records.
    • Adding single or multiple user ID records, aliases, and groups.
    • Copying, modifying, and deleting user ID records, aliases, and groups.
    • Printing reports for users, aliases, and groups.
    • Wizards to perform tedious user administration tasks easily, such as re-assigning files belonging to deleted users

    A GUI interface to user records in either Safeguard or Guardian environments on all your NonStop nodes. Management of users, aliases and groups is greatly simplified - simply drag/drop or copy and paste a user between nodes to replicate it.

    TOP Screenshot

    Many wizards simplify tedious user management tasks. This wizard identifies all files whose original owner has been deleted and (optionally) re-assigns or deletes them.

    TOP Screenshot


    This wizard changes the password for a user across all nodes.

    TOP Screenshot


  • TOP Explorer 

    TOP Explorer is an easy-to-use GUI for accessing nodes and system components.


    With TOP Explorer you can select system components, display information, monitor system status and manage your NonStop system more efficiently.


    Key features at a glance:

    • Easy-to-use Explorer interface
    • Increased productivity
    • Less training
    • Reduced Downtime


    Further, TOP Explorer comes with these additional features:

    Backup/ Restore
    Using either tape or PAK format archives.
    Status, configuration and control. Jobsets functionality provide the facility to store job details.
    Status, control of tape drives and 'mount' requests.

    The explorer component lets you access your entire Expand network - this screen shows all nodes in the network.

    TOP Screenshot

    Using the explorer window, you can navigate across your NonStop nodes and down through their sub-systems to low-level objects. Context-sensitive commands are provided at all levels. This menu shows what commands are available when multiple archive files are selected.

    TOP Screenshot


    Where appropriate, the Explorer style interface is supplemented with custom graphics. In this graphical view of the disk storage, it is immediately apparent which paths and disks are up and which are down.

    TOP Screenshot


  • TOP Path 

    A powerful GUI for Pathway configuration, management and operation.

    TOP Path will manage and monitor standard Pathway objects, such as Pathmon processes, server classes and TCPs. The graphical main display provides an instant view of the status of an individual Pathway and is the primary interface to all of the Pathway systems running on your network.

    TOP Path includes the following functions:

    • A hierarchical display of pathway objects and their status
    • Management and monitoring of standard pathway objects such as PathMon processes, server classes, server processes, TCPs, terminals, and programs. As well as typical operations including adding, listing, copying, starting, stopping, aborting, freezing, thawing.
    • Definition of a set of pathway objects by a unique group identifier. You can start and stop all the objects in the group in a single operation.
    • Automate actions and monitor pathway objects. Actions that Pathway Manager can automatically perform include sending an email message, flashing a window, sounding an alert, playing a sound file, displaying a user-defined message box, generating a user-defined EMS event, and issuing a PATHCOM or TACL command.

    Key features at a glance:

    • Status bars slow current state of a Pathway and its components
    • GUI based management and configuration of Pathway objects
    • Group Pathway objects and stop/start them as a group

    Command access to all objects within a NonStop Pathway environment is provided through TOP Path. The graphical display provides immediate feedback on the state of a Pathway. Wizards facilitate the creation of new Pathways or Pathway components.

    TOP Screenshot


    Groups of Pathway objects can be defined which can be stopped and started together.

    TOP Screenshot

  • TOP Comms 

    A comprehensive communications manager.


    Specfically TOP Comms can be used to monitor and manage:


    • Communications subsystems (devices) that are available on all NonStop servers, including X25, TCP/IP, Expand, SSCP, Bisync, Multilan, SNAX/XF and Telnet.
    • Internet Communications for the Enterprise (ICE) (if installed and configured).
    • SLSA/WAN and TCP/IP environments on S-Series and Integrity NS-Series and BladeSystem servers.


    When you open TOP Comms, the software detects the communications subsystems that are available and present on your system and displays them accordingly.


    Key features at a glance:


    • Status bars show current state of Comms lines
    • GUI based control and configuration of Comms devices and lines
    • Support for many protocols including: TCP/IP, X25, Expand and ICE

    View the state of your legacy communications at a glance with TOP Comms graphical display. Context sensitive menus provide command access to the various objects that make up the communications environment.

    TOP Screenshot


    Support for TCP/IP, including TCP/IPv6 or Parallel TCP/IP and Classic (or Conventional) TCP/IP and Insession's ICE is integrated into the TOP Explorer.

    TOP Screenshot


    SLSA and WAN subsystem connected communications can be managed via the SLSA/WAN communications manager.

    TOP Screenshot


  • TOP Spool 

    A comprehensive spooler monitoring and management tool for NonStop server and workstation printers.



    TOP Spool will manage and monitor standard spooler objects such as spooler processes, collectors, print processes, devices (printers), locations, and jobs.

    Key features of TOP Spool include:


    • Distribution of jobs via email or FTP as well as formatting and compression features include HTML, PDF and ZIP.
    • Automated distribution of jobs using streams to local and LAN printers, email recipients, and FTP locations.
    • Automated monitoring by specifying monitor definitions including total job count, supervisor status, collector status, collector % full, print process status, and device status.
    • Configuration of spooler subsystems using simple dialogs to specify new supervisors, collectors, print processes, devices and locations.
    • Point-and-click control of spooler subsystems from supervisor level down to individual jobs.


    Key features at a glance:


    • GUI interface to Spooler subsystems
    • Automated job distribution to LAN printers, email contacts, ftp locations
    • Smart dialogs simplify complex configuration tasks

    Command access to all objects within a NonStop spooler environment is provided through TOP Spool. Wizards facilitate Creation of new spoolers or spooler components.

    TOP Screenshot


    Locations or report names can be associated with network resources, such as printers, FTP destinations or email addresses through TOP Spool's streaming facility. This powerful function can be used in many ways - utilise any LAN printer as an output device with no configuration on your NonStop or automatically send reports to customers.

    TOP Screenshot


    Individual jobs can also be saved, printed locally or distributed over the network. Navigating through large jobs to a particular page or piece of text is straightforward using the job viewing facilities.

    TOP Screenshot


  • TOP Tool Tips

    TOP Tool Tip #1 - how to open a second window of TOP
    TOP Tool Tip #3 – comparing files and sets of files
    TOP Tool Tip #2 - re-order columns, sort on multiple columns, re-size or hide columns and export data into spreadsheets
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