Big Data Security

Big data - big risk?

Three reasons to act now:

Three reasons to act now:

1. Prevent a big data breach

2. Protect your big data project from being held up due to noncompliance

3. Improve the value of your data lake while minimizing risk

Enable big data security and privacy without compromising data utility

Big Data applications are at the highest risk and therefor the best starting point to begin with encryption and tokenization. Organizations are collecting extremely large datasets for advanced data analytics. However, data protection and data privacy need to be considered from day 1 as data can not be removed or replaced once it is in Hadoop.



Don’t let others fish in your data lake!

Don’t let others fish in your data lake!

Organizations worldwide are creating data lakes to drive more value from the data that they are generating and collecting.

Better customer insights, improved fraud detection and smarter decisions are just some examples of what companies can achieve with big data analytics and machine learning.

However, the number of incidents of unauthorized access to data lakes is increasing. Take action now to secure your growth!

comforte enables secure analysis

As the majority of analytics can be performed on big data in its “protected” form, organizations can use comforte for enabling Hadoop and IoT applications with big data security and privacy - without compromising the utility of the data.

With comforte, you can achieve better customer insights and smarter decisions through Big Data to grow your business – while protecting data privacy and ensuring compliance!

Big Data protection made easy

comforte provides comprehensive data protection that seamlessly plugs into the Hadoop ecosystem:

Protect all sensitive data at rest and in use in Hadoop without spending a lot of time and effort on integration. Drive better decision making without compromising on security and privacy!

Don‘t let Big Data become the weakest link in the security chain

Don‘t let Big Data become the weakest link in the security chain

 Big data is becoming the weakest link in the security chain as a big data breach will affect more data than ever before.

Take action now with data-centric security for your data lake!

Learn how to secure & empower your Big Data

Big Data security – small effort

Out-of-the-box integration capabilities for the most important components in the Hadoop ecosystem reduce project effort and risk significantly

Secure analysis without compromise

Retain the utility of protected data with tokenization and unleash the power of secure analysis to make better decisions

Built on a truly mission-critical foundation

Rely on proven technology that is in production at one of the largest credit card networks in the world

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