Our mission: Assisting enterprises to deploy secure, manageable and cost-effective NonStop server access

comforte develops, markets, and supports proven and innovative modernization, middleware, connectivity, and security solutions for users of HPE NonStop systems. It is comForte's goal to deliver best-in-class products and solutions and to give customers the best support possible.

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Microsoft (MSFT) has just purchased GitHub Inc. for $7.5B US. Will this matter to GitHub users? Probably not too much, but where this matters to the...

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Solving the Challenge of Enterprise wide Data Protection


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September 11-1, 2018

ATUG, Atlanta, GA, USA

September 19, 2018

comforte Solutions

comforte is a leading provider of solutions for HPE NonStop servers.

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NonStop Security

Encryption of Data at Rest in transit & more

NonStop Connectivity

Terminal Emulation, File Transfer, Middleware

NonStop Modernization

Infrastructure and legacy application modernization

comforte Support

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comforte Support provides global 24x7 support with offices located in all three major regions around the globe. We highly recommend using our Customer Center to open support requests.

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