Our mission: Assisting enterprises to deploy secure, manageable and cost-effective NonStop server access

comForte develops, markets, and supports proven and innovative modernization, middleware, connectivity, and security solutions for users of HPE NonStop systems. It is comForte's goal to deliver best-in-class products and solutions and to give customers the best support possible.

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Nowadays, new and rapidly evolving enterprise IT platforms, delivery models, and capabilities provide an opportunity to increase users, innovate...

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Our new enterprise wide Data Protection Suite - SecurDPS


The Green Guys!

Meet the comForte Team at the following NonStop Events:


April 24-25, 2017 in Hannover, Germany

April 25, 2017 in Santiago de Chile, Chile

May 9-10, 2017 in London, England

May 16, 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia

May 18, 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand

June 1, 2017 in Plano, Texas

Impressions of the past events:

Events 2016

comForte - the leading provider of solutions for the NonStop platform

comForte is a leading provider of solutions for HPE NonStop servers.

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Terminal Emulation, File Transfer, Middleware

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