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Fact sheet: JPath-GUI24

Fact sheet

JPath-GUI24 provides a graphical user interface to your existing BASE24™ system, integrating it with the browser-based world of your users. To provide an internet look and feel, each application screen is intelligently mapped to an easy-to-use GUI form, making JPath-GUI24 an ideal solution for extending BASE24™ access to new users or business partners.

To meet specific end-user requirements, JPath-GUI24 allows you to extend the functionality of the default GUI. Using JPath customization features, you can reflect your corporate ID in the overall GUI look and feel, enhance individual screens, exchange data between screens or with external applications, create macros to streamline BASE24™ operations, and much more.

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive browser-based UI.
  • Easy installation, maintenance, and version control.
  • APIs allow for additional customization.
  • ISO8859 8-bit Java-enabled language mapping simplifies localization.
  • Web-server based BASE24™ access can be secured via SSL/TLS.

Download the fact sheet to learn more.

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